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WICKET-6784 StockQuote example does not work because the web service is no more available

Remove the stock quote example

(cherry picked from commit 9987de6f0b9db97f68ddd95ab9371c6c97d4de45)

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[WICKET-6782] error in sendMessage(String) handled as expected

[WICKET-6781] time zone is determined on client side

WICKET-6779 Upgrade JQuery 3 to 3.5.1

WICKET-6764 Add constructor to RedirectToUrlException that passes the redirect mode

(cherry picked from commit 79f63f66eb588a5d69e9feff7066f1244f61f387)

WICKET-6764 RedirectToUrlException change the second question mark in URL from "?" to "%3F"

(cherry picked from commit 6c589d2bf9ea69d8ffaac647669c4cd35b1f2dd5)

(cherry picked from commit ccd5eb69b87e820e5d04b387fc565da20e3345f6)

WICKET-6767 Do not log error for broken pipes in websocket connections

(cherry picked from commit 096eccb400304a11ec13a47b436c1fdb7dad49a0)

INFRA-20023 trigger build

trigger build

WICKET-6758 NPE in AbstractWebSocketProcessor after session times out

Return early if there is no Wicket Session while processing WebSocket message

(cherry picked from commit 1f6f8ba54bc921c11e1b8462dc03f33e94f5b06f)

Start next development version

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Added CHANGELOG for release 7.16.0

Code formatting improvements

Code adjusted for JUnit 4

WICKET-6708 Made lowercase conversion local insentive, as did for WICKET-6614

WICKET-6708 fix to avoid form submition break if request method is in uppercase form (ie: GET, POST)

WICKET-6708 optimization

prevent form lookup if not needed

WICKET-6707 Use only setMethod in PropertyResolver#setValue()

(cherry picked from commit 15821cf5b62b3fc40611ce5e6717aaaa746505d1)

WICKET-6707 Property setter parameter type is assumed to be equal to getter return type

Use the setter instead of the getter when checking in PropertyResolver#setValue()

(cherry picked from commit 80e9119eb04b8c670c24a97c89c28ddcebc1374b)

(cherry picked from commit a3c19f7daaf0cf6bf121bf8667987b7b3e672ce2)

WICKET-6708 Fix compilation issue after git cherry-pick

WICKET-6704 JavaSerializer.serialize causes the JVM crash ! (#385)

* WICKET-6704 JavaSerializer.serialize causes the JVM crash !

Do not check instances of PropertyChangeSupport whether they are Serializable because PropertyChangeSupport#writeObject() adds extra fields which confuse CheckingObjectOutputStream

* WICKET-6704 Add more special types which use ObjectOutputStream.PutField in their writeObject() method

(cherry picked from commit 4ff101fca5fac22dfab9dda4dcfe9075247ee46a)

WICKET-6708 FormComponent should read only the GET/POST parameters of the request, not both

(cherry picked from commit 0c19cf8f1ba9d1677303fa7a38c1df04c9becd3f)

(cherry picked from commit 9c3129517a15c37cc90fb27a697868a825940aa0)

WICKET-6706 Websocket Endpoint logs exception when user leaves page

Log EOFException only when DEBUG logging is enabled

(cherry picked from commit c4e87bbb7d988e249860ae30cff248c92eb2afa7)

Start next development version

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Added CHANGELOG for release 7.15.0

WICKET-6695 shouldTrimInput for editable labels

WICKET-6689 Make test method public (JUnit 4.x)

WICKET-6689 fix ClientProperties.getTimezone() UTC-DST differenc… (#377)


(cherry picked from commit 4851d3fda62ec84e636528bb75564b1d5c338532)

WICKET-6690 NullPointerException in KeyInSessionSunJceCryptFactory.<init>

Add a null check for Security.getProviders(String)

(cherry picked from commit 1c39dd7aefdafc0c4bafcc9e1107665f25b9dd99)

WICKET-6680 JUnit 4.x requires @Test methods to be public

(cherry picked from commit d97831d7eb6653aefe3e87adffa2fee51a171f11)