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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wicket-6774

WICKET-6774: Use flag to fixate behavior ids

Merge pull request #433 from theigl/WICKET-6788-improve-escape-markup

WICKET-6788 Improve performance of markup escaping

WICKET-6788 Check for `Character.UNASSIGNED` instead of looking up non-chars in a set

Merge branch 'master' into wicket-6774

Merge branch 'wicket-6774-doc'

WICKET-6774: improve documetation for getBehaviorId, do not permit temporary behaviors

WICKET-6784 StockQuote example does not work because the web service is no more available

Remove the stock quote example

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[WICKET-6783] MicroMap is deprecated, typo is fixed

WICKET-6774: keep behavior ids stable during request

WICKET-6774: add documentation

WICKET-6774: mutable state

[WICKET-6783] ConcurrentHashSet is removed

[WICKET-6782] error in sendMessage(String) handled as expected

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/wicket-6778'

WICKET-6779 Upgrade JQuery 3 to 3.5.1

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Update frontend-maven-plugin to 1.10.0

WICKET-6778: put REMOVALS_KEY metadata behind a flag

WICKET-6777 Use string concatenation instead of formatting and replace switch with enum parameter (#426)

WICKET-6774: minor performance improvements, fixed header

WICKET-6774: inline state unpacking to improve performance

WICKET-6774: do not recreate state when not needed

WICKET-6774: rework of component state

State of a component is no longer stored as an array but using instances

of ComponentState. These have a smaller memory footprint in most cases,

are more efficient and the code is easier to read (I hope).

Note that a small change in behavior is introduced: behavior ids are

only maintained for statefull behaviors. Ids can change for other

behaviors, also when combined on the same component.

WICKET-6771 avoid access to removals

unless needed

WICKET-6773 Improve performance of `getBehaviors` by returning `Collections.emptyList` instead of wrapping the empty result

this closes #422

WICKET-6772 Use StandardCharsets.UTF_8 instead of looking up charsets

this closes #421

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WICKET-6764 Add constructor to RedirectToUrlException that passes the redirect mode

WICKET-6764 RedirectToUrlException change the second question mark in URL from "?" to "%3F"

WICKET-6767 Do not log error for broken pipes in websocket connections

WICKET-6769 make interface public