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ISIS-2062: moves helloworld and simpleapp into its own Antora cpt.

renames 'doc' directory to '_adoc' in both cases.

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ISIS-2062: moves simpleapp into its own Antora cpt.

Moves files, updates site.yml, updates references.

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ISIS-2062: moves helloworld into its own Antora cpt.

Moves files, updates site.yml, updates references.

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ISIS-2062: moving helloworld and simpleapp into their own Antora cpt.

Moves the common prereq stuff into each so is standalone.

removes --local from call to serve (antora

not all versions of serve support this flag.

avoids extensions module being included in the mvn reactor twice

... when attempting to build from top-level.

ISIS-2158: refining wrapper's ASYNC execution mode, adds java-doc

ISIS-2158 moves the 'core/legacy/legacy' module to 'extensions/legacy'

- also includes the 'extension' modules with the maven core/pom.xml to

build everything (except examples) in one blow

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ISIS-2158 implements ASYNC execution for the Wrapper

- for now we are simply utilizing the 'common' ForkJoinPool, but users

might need more control here!

- simple smoketest added to test async execution with the 'wrapper'

ISIS-2158 extends the WrapperFactory API, to give users more control

- when using the 'wrapper', the desired execution mode can now be

controlled finer by combining ExectionMode options to an EnumSet, where

now any possible combination is available to the user

- also added a new ASYNC mode Option do be implemented later; idea is to

allow for background execution via the WrapperFactory

ISIS-2100: makes IsisIntegrationTestAbstractWithFixtures helper methods

... consistent with FixtureScripts methods

ISIS-2158 reinstates a disabled wrapper factory test

ISIS-2100: fixes method calls to renamed methods in IsisIntegrationTestAbstractWithFixtures

ISIS-2062: more updates for .adocs - sketch out extensions, comments out TODO: v2: text.

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ISIS-2158 fixes some behavior inconsitences regarding domain object execution mode

ISIS-2158 minor code cleanup

ISIS-2158 fixes transaction related smoketests

- also bumps h2/hsqldb to their latest versions

consecutive smoketest runs might run into an issue with jdo/schema

creation failing due to schema not found, but running test classes

individually does work

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ISIS-2158 refining TransactionService (API)

- executeWithinTransaction(task) now reuses any existing tx boundary

- executeWithinNewTransaction(task) forces creation of a new tx boundary

JDO does not support transaction nesting, so we reuse tx boundaries by

default. This should allow for better tx rollback support.

ISIS-2158 rename Presets -> IsisPresets

- also simplifies preset property source configuration usage

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ISIS-2156 minor refactoring

ISIS-2156 fixes demo-app shiro setup, gives 'sven' admin privileges

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ISIS-2156 hotfix: disable HttpSessions creation when basic-auth strategy

- several principal and related objects have been improved to procude

less stress on the heap

- smoketests added that also test for the absence of a HttpSession when

using basic-auth strategy against a rest endpoint

- also moves the new restclient introduced with v2 from applib to a new

extension module 'restclient'

- improvements to the restclient to also handle scalar value types

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ISIS-2156 bump shiro version 1.3.2 -> 1.4.1

- despite the unresolved shiro issue [1], however the mentioned

workaround appears to work:

filterChainResolver =



ISIS-2156 enables smoketest for stress-testing the restful endpoint

- we now have the infrastructure to reproduce the memory leak issue

- also adds an optimization to the IsisModuleSecurityRealm, to not

authenticate a user twice per request

findings so far, PrincipalForApplicationUser indeed does not get garbage


batch update source format:

- Add missing '@Override' annotations

- Correct indentation

- Add file header (JAutodoc)

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batch update source format: organize imports and reorder









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ISIS-2156 allow for ShiroWebModule to be primed with a custom ini file

- also renames module 'smoketest' -> 'smoketests'

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ISIS-2157 minor: code cleanup and deduplication

ISIS-2157 fixes auto-create user related vulnerability

When using delegated authentication, desired behavior is to auto-create

user accounts in the DB only if these do successfully authenticate with

the delegated authentication mechanism, while the newly created user

will be disabled by default.

ISIS-2156 fixes the Shiro-Secman-Ldap smoketest setup

- we discovered bug ISIS-2157 in the process, particular test yet fails