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Added __module__ to JArray() types.

added setting of type.__module__ for all generated wrapper types (python 3)

made the 1BYTE_KIND -> jchar case a bit faster
- fixed bug with wrongly assuming 1BYTE_KIND python unicode strings to be utf-8

Update CMS production sync exceptions for 8_2 Guide
fix one-liner about PyLucene
Typo in email "aparche"
PyLucene 8.1.1
fixed bug with remaining reference to __dir__
Fix slack text
Fix slack header
Fix typos
New about new lists
New lists
New issues and builds lists, add slack info, fix old wiki links announce for 8.1.1 and 8.2.0
CMS commit to lucene by namgyu
more updates for 8.2.0 release
    • ?
Update links for 8.2.0 release
Update website for 8.2.0 release
redirect to latest release 8.2.0
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 8_2_0 javadocs
Added myself (krisden) to PMC list
jcc 3.6
fixed samples for 8.1
add name to whoweare
Update redirect for 8.1 ref guide
Make 8.1 the latest release
removed overlap between int and byte types when parsing args
    • ?
Update CMS production syn for 8.1 Ref Guide