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JCR-4620: Jackrabbit 2.21.3
mention CI status
update CI page
roadmap cleanup
Entry for apache jackrabbit oak 1.22.4
Jackrabbit Oak 1.32.0 release
Jackrabbit 2.21.2
Apache Jackrabbit Board Report June 2020 (draft)

Restructure report to match ASF board report wizard template

Apache Jackrabbit Board Report June 2020 (draft)

Mention migration of FileVault from SVN to GIT

Jackrabbit 2.20.1
Add links to recent board reports
Apache Jackrabbit Board Report June 2020 (draft)
    • ?
Apache Jackrabbit Board Report March 2020 (final)
Update Jackrabbit team list

Former members: jukka, martijnh

New Member: fortino

Updating latest stable version for oak trunk
Adding entries for oak/1.30.0
Update for Oak 1.8.22
Update Jackrabbit team page

Add Vinod Holani

Update affiliation for various committers

mention Javadoc for Java 11
note what Java versions to test with
fix dates
data of release
Updated web site to point to new Apache Oak 1.22.3 release
subject line for vote result email
add a note about checking non-interactive commits working before trying to prepare the release
JCR-4552: add note about 2.18 EOL
archive news from 2019