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trivial: fix javadoc
trivial: add some more null annotations
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JCRVLT-391 fix restored backwards-compatibility in a way that let the

tests pass

JCRVLT-391 restore backwards compatibility by readding old write method

signatures (throwing UOE)

fix package versions

Revert "move AbstractArtifact to exported package"

This reverts commit bce7d7afd10c2fe17f5fd1d169270789b1ec6d35.

JCRVLT-187 expose package properties from MetaInf

Get JcrPackage from Archive

This closes #71

JCRVLT-390 don't clear excluded properties

This closes #70

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move AbstractArtifact to exported package

Otherwise exported classes like DirectoryArtifact expose non-exported

classes (via inheritance)

JCRVLT-391 make sure to not export private classes

Hide the usage of IndentingXMLStreamWriter by using composition instead

of inheritance

JCRVLT-365 switch to Jetbrains null annotations
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JCRVLT-391 replace forked Xerces classes by StAX

Maximum line length is no longer available, apart from that the format

is the same as before.

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JCRVLT-371 allow optional dependencies locations property
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JCRVLT-386 allow to retrieve package properties from exploded package


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JCRVLT-368 throw proper exception in case invalid filter pattern is


some javadoc cleanup

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Merge branch 'feature/JCRVLT-382_correctly-reset-source' into trunk
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trivial: fix javadoc
JCRVLT-345 improve javadoc
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JCRVLT-345 add separate module for validation
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JCRVLT-369 - Include package name in error message when dependencies are not satisfied

trivial: improve javadoc for covers and contains
JCRVLT-366 Allow loading DefaultWorkspaceFilter and AbstractConfig from

DOM Element

JCRVLT-349 fix regression for loading settings
JCRVLT-352 fix leak of JarFile
JCRVLT-287 throw RepositoryException in case of ACL Importer failures
trivial: add toString, equals and hashCode to EventImpl
JCRVLT-359 Provide separate option to control handling of rep:cugPolicy nodes (closes #56)
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JCRVLT-362 expose input stream also for META-INF entries

This closes #57

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JCRVLT-360 add toString, equals and hashCode to all filter related


This closes #55

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JCRVLT-356 add equals and toString to DocViewNode and DocViewProperty

Migrate Unit tests to JUnit4

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JCRVLT-353 increase package version according to semantic versioning