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OAK-8638: Revert java 12 specific javadoc workaround
OAK-8627: Avoid late-arriving lastRev update from crashed instance

Ignored test

OAK-8637 - added convergence test for LMSEstimator
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JCR-4485: InternalValueFactory.create(File) does not close input stream
OAK-8629: Node bundling exposes hidden property

More tests

JCR-4484: jcr-tests: SerializationTest needs to cleanup after parse failures in import tests
JCR-4483: jcr2spi: potential NPE in ImportHandler.endDocument
JCR-4482: jcr2spi: WorkspaceContentHandler leaks temp files
OAK-8635 - move LMSEstimator to oak-search, use LMSEstimator in ES
OAK-8634: Decouple CommitDiff from DocumentNodeStore
OAK-8632 : rep:CugPolicy nodes containing duplicate principal names
OAK-8529 - Deregister MBeans on SecurityProviderRegistration component deactivation

Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.10.5
OAK-8631: Change null check to Strings.isNullOrEmpty() in AzureDataStore

OAK-8624: oak-run: tests leak mapd temp files
OAK-8629: Node bundling exposes hidden property

Update test and add non-bundled descendant below bundled nodes

OAK-8629: Node bundling exposes hidden property
JCRVLT-369 - Include package name in error message when dependencies are not satisfied

OAK-8625: oak-upgrade leaks empty test folders
fix svn:eol-style
JCR-4481: Download page gpg example needs second parameter
JCR-4480: remove mentions of SHA1 from downloads page
trivial: fixed typo
Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.8.17
JCR-4479 fixing download links
fix introduction of release notes and version number in headline
trivial: improve javadoc for covers and contains
OAK-8245 Add column for explained statement to explain Query result, next to 'plan' column
OAK-8623: Improve collision handling performance

Ignored tests that verify the new expected behaviour

OAK-8622 - Remove the version of the maven-resources-plugin from the fast profile