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Moved inside configure.in.

Make the runtime path hack a little more portable, even though it is the

wrong way to check this.

Submitted by: Justin Erenkrantz

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Eventually we will want to only find openssl once regardless of how

many modules depend on it, so make the check an autoconf macro.

Note that this still isn't being checked "the autoconf way", but it

is better than what we have now.

I'm not sure about the -R stuff, but I am told that Solaris won't

build without it. This is something that should be tested using

AC_TRY_LINK rather than assuming openssl isn't already on the ld path.

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Completely revamp configure so that it preserves the standard make


the configure additions to EXTRA_* variables. Also, allow the user

to specify NOTEST_* values for all of the above, which eliminates the

need for THREAD_CPPFLAGS, THREAD_CFLAGS, and OPTIM. Fix the setting

of INCLUDES and EXTRA_INCLUDES. Check flags as they are added to

avoid pointless duplications. Fix the order in which flags are given

on the compile and link lines.

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Get some sleep. sh != C

Avoid confusion at times when someone may

expect it to be reapplied, but it isn't

Begining stub of NONAC_LDFLAGS and NONAC_CFLAGS stuff.

First of all, avoid re-adding values to the various hints

each time called (not a problem now, but could be later).

Then build up CFLAGS/LDFLAGS during Makefile generation.


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Add BeOS to hints.m4. This explains why I've been having to set the

MPM via configure...

Split the hints file into two files, one in APR and one in Apache. The APR

hints file just sets build variables, the Apache hints file just sets

Apache variables. This is meant to clean up parts of APR, so that they

don't include Apache information.

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