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Add a new way to document changes

* Define the update-changes target to merge the change files

from the changes directory to the top of the CHANGES file and remove

them afterwards. If a Subversion binary was found during configure try

to svn rm them otherwise just delete them.

* Search for the Subversion binary.

* acinclude.m4: Set the corresponding Makefile variable for the Subversion


* README.CHANGES: New file to document the new approach.

Actually clear the cache for the worker MPM (missed in r1879757).

Try removing the cached ~/perl5 to reset the broken worker

MPM test job.

For TEST_SSL=1 runs, test SSLSessionCache with shmcb, memcached

and redis socache providers. Force TLSv1.2 for these runs since

TLSv1.3 doesn't use the cache.

Check for and use gettid() directly if available; glibc 2.30 and later

provides a wrapper for the system call:

* Check for gettid() and define HAVE_SYS_GETTID if

gettid() is only usable via syscall().

* server/log.c (log_tid): Use gettid() directly if available.

Bump the logno.

* Update logno
* Make get_line more robust in the case that it is called multiple times:

- Safe the brigade between mutiple calls to correctly handle transient


- Detect possible endless loops.

* Do not try to parse already aborted requests

Submitted by: icing

Use a brigade instead of direct reads, allow APR to handle MMAP.

Extend method_precondition hook to be called during the PROPFIND

and LABEL walkers, once for each walked resource.

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc xml files updates.

Bump log numbers.

Add MMAP support to ETag generation.

Bump MMN correctly.

core: Remove support for the Content-MD5 header, removed in RFC7231.

Functions ap_md5digest() and ap_md5contextTo64() removed, and

ContentDigest directive.

Add skeleton for new features docs for 2.6.

    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
Add log numbers to util_etag.c.

Seek to the start of the file when calculating the ETag.

mod_dav: Allow other DAV modules to use dav_get_resource().

Be defensive when calculating the digest. Make sure the offset is initialised

to zero before reading the current offset.

Follow up to r1879449: yet better MPM poll callback API.

Let pass a const pfds to the MPM, for it to make a copy on the given pool

as needed.

mpm_common: add pool argument to mpm_register_poll_callback[_timeout] hooks.

This is cleaner API than using pfds->pool implicitely.

MAJOR bump but reusing the existing hooks (with an API/ABI breakage) because

it's trunk material only.

Adjust for r1879447 to specify shmcb is tested when

TEST_SSL_SESSCACHE is defined. [skip ci]

Add scripts to run memcached/redis via docker, and use env var

to specify which SSLSessionCache setting to test if


    • ?
    • ?
* modules/ssl/ssl_scache.c (ssl_scache_init): Use <16 character

cname argument for socache ->init() per the API constraint.

Add additional test suite runs for the prefork & event pool-debug builds:

- run with SSLSessionCache defined (after r1879430)

- run with "SSLProtocol TLSv1.2"

mod_proxy_wstunnel: follow up to r1879418: handle first async lifetime too.

Create the dedicated pfds and subpool in proxy_wstunnel_request() too, for

the first call to ap_mpm_register_poll_callback_timeout().

While at it, add comments about why we need the dedicated pfds/subpool.

mod_proxy_http: follow up to r1879419: clarify poll callback pds/subpool.

Comments about why we need a dedicated pfds and its subpool for