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fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML files updates.

Missing </p> tag.

ap_http_header_filter: avoid double encoding of output headers in traces.

When output headers are logged (TRACE4) in send_all_header_fields(), we don't

need to explicitely ap_escape_logitem() them since ap_log_rerror() takes care

of log files escaping already.

Otherwise, characters like '"' are unncesseralily encoded, and '\\' is doubly

encoded (including for controls).

* modules/mappers/mod_rewrite.c: Enhance trace-level logging to log

line numbers accurately for C99 compilers, and remove odd/awkward

double-parentheses using the rewritelog() macro. For non-C99

compilers do_rewritelog() will now be defined - but as a noop - if

REWRITELOG_DISABLED is defined at compile time.

No functional change at runtime apart from the line numbers being


* mod_md: manual updates and challenge description

parser_multipart: fix NULL pointer dereference in nested multipart

create_multipart_context() can return NULL if the given Content-Type

was not recognized (if there is no "boundary" attribute). This

crashes libapreq2.

This bug was introduced by SVN commit 227276. Prior to this commit,

there was a NULL check, but the commit removed it:

Fix an issue on Windows where <IfFile> looks for a file on a non-existent drive (on a USB key that is not plugged for example)

Issue repported by Heather Lotz <knot22>

PR63715: s/can/came and add a caution about REDIRECT_-prefixed envvars

Fix PR 63713 reported by WJCarpenter:

Add a small word about '\' which is used in the examples below.

Add some missing links (<module>, <directive>)

Improve some xml layout to have it readable.

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML update.

restore use of global mutex under !APR_HAS_THREADS

followup to r1852442 which appears to have been too agressive in wrapping

blocks with #if APR_HAS_THREADS. With !APR_HAS_THREADS a global mutex

is a proc mutex.

Complete mod_md CMake config by adding a _requires iterator, using the official

curl FIND_PACKAGE logic and completing the jansson detection logic.

Improvement to mod_md cmake support. thanks to bill.

* Make it obsolete to supply a starting pool

Improve dump_all_pools by making it obsolete to supply a starting pool.

If the parameter is not supplied ap_pglobal which is a global symbol is

used as starting pool.

The pool parameter is still accepted and considered for backwards

compatibility or if ap_pglobal cannot be resolved.

* Lock the worker, not the balancer. We even do not know if we have a balancer
More about RegexDefaultOptions.


PR63503: fix pool concurrency problems in mod_proxy

reslist and resolver related calls could concurrently access the same pool.

Submitted By: Don Poitras <Don.Poitras>

Committed By: covener

remove APR_HAS_THREADS check

no need to wrap these after r1865936


... instead of wrapping them in #if themselves in the C code.

r1852442 is a trunk-only change to make mod_proxy compile with !APR_HAS_THREADS.

leave a hint about session expiration at TRACE2

fr doc rebuild.

fr doc XML updates.

PR63688 balancer csrf problems

fix case-sensitive referer check

Submitted By: Armin Abfalterer

mod_ssl: OCSP does not apply to proxy mode, fix verify context.

Since ssl_callback_SSLVerify() is called for both server and proxy modes,

use myCtxConfig()->ocsp_mask to check the right mode/configuration (i.e.

none for proxy in any case).

PR 63679.

Submitted by: Lubos Uhliarik <luhliari>


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Increase the maximum length of strings that can be cached by the module from 100 to 256. PR 62149 [<thorsten.meinl>]