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YARN-7794. SLSRunner is not loading timeline service jars, causing failure. (Yufei Gu via Haibo Chen)

YARN-7318. Fix shell check warnings of SLS. (Gergely Novák via wangda)

YARN-6363. Extending SLS: Synthetic Load Generator. (Carlo Curino via wangda)

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YARN-6365. Get static SLS html resources from classpath. Contributed by Yufei Gu.

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YARN-6275. Fail to show real-time tracking charts in SLS (yufeigu via rkanter)

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YARN-5706. Fail to launch SLSRunner due to NPE. (Kai Sasaki via wangda)

HADOOP-13341. Deprecate HADOOP_SERVERNAME_OPTS; replace with (command)_(subcommand)_OPTS

This commit includes the following changes:

HADOOP-13356. Add a function to handle command_subcommand_OPTS

HADOOP-13355. Handle HADOOP_CLIENT_OPTS in a function

HADOOP-13554. Add an equivalent of hadoop_subcmd_opts for secure opts

HADOOP-13562. Change hadoop_subcommand_opts to use only uppercase

HADOOP-13358. Modify HDFS to use hadoop_subcommand_opts

HADOOP-13357. Modify common to use hadoop_subcommand_opts

HADOOP-13359. Modify YARN to use hadoop_subcommand_opts

HADOOP-13361. Modify hadoop_verify_user to be consistent with hadoop_subcommand_opts (ie more granularity)

HADOOP-13564. modify mapred to use hadoop_subcommand_opts

HADOOP-13563. hadoop_subcommand_opts should print name not actual content during debug

HADOOP-13360. Documentation for HADOOP_subcommand_OPTS

This closes apache/hadoop#126

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HADOOP-11393. Revert HADOOP_PREFIX, go back to HADOOP_HOME (aw)

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HADOOP-12857. rework hadoop-tools (aw)

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HADOOP-10787. Rename/remove non-HADOOP_*, etc from the shell scripts. Contributed by Allen Wittenauer.

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HADOOP-11637. bash location hard-coded in shell scripts (aw)

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HADOOP-11346. Rewrite sls/rumen to use new shell framework (John Smith via aw)

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YARN-1021. Yarn Scheduler Load Simulator. (ywskycn via tucu)

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