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MAPREDUCE-7241. FileInputFormat listStatus with less memory footprint. Contributed by Zhihua Deng

Preparing for 3.4.0 development

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MAPREDUCE-7237. Supports config the shuffle's path cache related parameters (#1397)

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MAPREDUCE-7255. Fix typo in MapReduce documentaion example (#1793)

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MAPREDUCE-7208. Tuning TaskRuntimeEstimator. (Ahmed Hussein via jeagles)

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Eagles <>

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HADOOP-16458. LocatedFileStatusFetcher.getFileStatuses failing intermittently with S3

Contributed by Steve Loughran.


-S3A glob scans don't bother trying to resolve symlinks

-stack traces don't get lost in getFileStatuses() when exceptions are wrapped

-debug level logging of what is up in Globber

-Contains HADOOP-13373. Add S3A implementation of FSMainOperationsBaseTest.

-ITestRestrictedReadAccess tests incomplete read access to files.

This adds a builder API for constructing globbers which other stores can use

so that they too can skip symlink resolution when not needed.

Change-Id: I23bcdb2783d6bd77cf168fdc165b1b4b334d91c7

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HADOOP-16549. Remove Unsupported SSL/TLS Versions from Docs/Properties. Contributed by Daisuke Kobayashi.

Signed-off-by: Wei-Chiu Chuang <>

Reviewed-by: Akira Ajisaka <>

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MAPREDUCE-7197. Fix order of actual and expected expression in assert statements. Contributed by Adam Antal

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MAPREDUCE-7225: Fix broken current folder expansion during MR job start. Contributed by Peter Bacsko.

MAPREDUCE-7214. Remove unused pieces related to `mapreduce.job.userlog.retain.hours`

Signed-off-by: Akira Ajisaka <>

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MAPREDUCE-6794. Remove unused properties from

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MAPREDUCE-7210. Replace `mapreduce.job.counters.limit` with `mapreduce.job.counters.max` in mapred-default.xml

This closes #878

Signed-off-by: Akira Ajisaka <>

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HADOOP-16331. Fix ASF License check in pom.xml

Signed-off-by: Takanobu Asanuma <>

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HADOOP-16323. https everywhere in Maven settings.

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MAPREDUCE-7198. mapreduce.task.timeout=0 configuration used to disable timeout doesn't work.

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HADOOP-16196. Path Parameterize Comparable.

Author: David Mollitor <>

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HADOOP-15229. Add FileSystem builder-based openFile() API to match createFile(); S3A to implement S3 Select through this API.

The new openFile() API is asynchronous, and implemented across FileSystem and FileContext.

The MapReduce V2 inputs are moved to this API, and you can actually set must/may

options to pass in.

This is more useful for setting things like s3a seek policy than for S3 select,

as the existing input format/record readers can't handle S3 select output where

the stream is shorter than the file length, and splitting plain text is suboptimal.

Future work is needed there.

In the meantime, any/all filesystem connectors are now free to add their own filesystem-specific

configuration parameters which can be set in jobs and used to set filesystem input stream

options (seek policy, retry, encryption secrets, etc).

Contributed by Steve Loughran

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HADOOP-14178. Move Mockito up to version 2.23.4. Contributed by Akira Ajisaka and Masatake Iwasaki.

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YARN-9221. Added flag to disable dynamic auxiliary service feature. Contributed by Billie Rinaldi

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YARN-9146. Added REST API to configure auxiliary service. Contributed by Billie Rinaldi

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HADOOP-14556. S3A to support Delegation Tokens.

Contributed by Steve Loughran and Daryn Sharp.

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Revert "HADOOP-14556. S3A to support Delegation Tokens."

This reverts commit d7152332b32a575c3a92e3f4c44b95e58462528d.

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HADOOP-14556. S3A to support Delegation Tokens.

Contributed by Steve Loughran.

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YARN-9131. Updated document usage for dynamic auxiliary service. Contributed by Billie Rinaldi

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MAPREDUCE-7170. Doc typo in Contributed by Zhaohui Xin.

HADOOP-16210. Update guava to 27.0-jre in hadoop-project trunk. Contributed by Gabor Bota.

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MAPREDUCE-7164. FileOutputCommitter does not report progress while merging paths. Contributed by Kuhu Shukla

MAPREDUCE-6190. If a task stucks before its first heartbeat, it never timeouts and the MR job becomes stuck. Contributed by Zhaohui Xin.

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MAPREDUCE-7162. TestEvents#testEvents fails. Contributed by Zhaohui Xin.

MAPREDUCE-7158. Inefficient Flush Logic in JobHistory EventWriter. (Zichen Sun via wangda)

Change-Id: I99ace87980da03bb35a8012cea7218d602a8817a