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YARN-9052. Replace all MockRM submit method definitions with a builder. Contributed by Szilard Nemeth.

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MAPREDUCE-7197. Fix order of actual and expected expression in assert statements. Contributed by Adam Antal

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MAPREDUCE-7205. Treat container scheduler kill exit code as a task attempt killing event.

This closes #821

Signed-off-by: Akira Ajisaka <>

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HADOOP-14178. Move Mockito up to version 2.23.4. Contributed by Akira Ajisaka and Masatake Iwasaki.

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YARN-5168. Added exposed port information for Docker container. Contributed by Xun Liu

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MAPREDUCE-7151. RMContainerAllocator#handleJobPriorityChange expects application_priority always. Contributed by Bilwa S T.

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YARN-8202. DefaultAMSProcessor should properly check units of requested custom resource types against minimum/maximum allocation (snemeth via rkanter)

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YARN-6599. Support anti-affinity constraint via AppPlacementAllocator. (Wangda Tan via asuresh)

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MAPREDUCE-6971. Moving logging APIs over to slf4j in hadoop-mapreduce-client-app. Contributed by Jinjiang Ling.

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Made fixes for whitespace errors and checstyle warnings before merge.

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MAPREDUCE-6838. [ATSv2 Security] Add timeline delegation token received in allocate response to UGI. Contributed by Varun Saxena

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MAPREDUCE-6914. Tests use assertTrue(....equals(...)) instead of assertEquals()). (Daniel Templeton via Yufei Gu)

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YARN-5548. Use MockRMMemoryStateStore to reduce test failures (Bibin A Chundatt via Varun Saxena)

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MAPREDUCE-6697. Concurrent task limits should only be applied when necessary. Contributed by Nathan Roberts.

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YARN-6411. Clean up the overwrite of createDispatcher() in subclass of MockRM. Contributed by Yufei Gu

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YARN-5959. RM changes to support change of container ExecutionType. (Arun Suresh via wangda)

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MAPREDUCE-6765. MR should not schedule container requests in cases where reducer or mapper containers demand resource larger than the maximum supported (haibochen via rkanter)

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MAPREDUCE-6541. Exclude scheduled reducer memory when calculating available mapper slots from headroom to avoid deadlock. Contributed by Varun Saxena

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MAPREDUCE-6771. RMContainerAllocator sends container diagnostics event after corresponding completion event. Contributed by Haibo Chen

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YARN-5221. Expose UpdateResourceRequest API to allow AM to request for change in container properties. (asuresh)

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YARN-4844. Add getMemorySize/getVirtualCoresSize to o.a.h.y.api.records.Resource. Contributed by Wangda Tan.

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MAPREDUCE-6689. MapReduce job can infinitely increase number of reducer resource requests. Contributed by Wangda Tan

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MAPREDUCE-6514. Fixed MapReduce ApplicationMaster to properly updated resources ask after ramping down of all reducers avoiding job hangs. Contributed by Varun Saxena and Wangda Tan.

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YARN-4526. Make SystemClock singleton so AppSchedulingInfo could use it. (kasha)

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YARN-4297. TestJobHistoryEventHandler and TestRMContainerAllocator failing on YARN-2928 branch (Varun Saxena via sjlee)

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MAPREDUCE-6515. Update Application priority in AM side from AM-RM heartbeat. Contributed by Sunil G

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MAPREDUCE-6302. Incorrect headroom can lead to a deadlock between map and reduce allocations. (kasha)

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MAPREDUCE-6460. TestRMContainerAllocator.testAttemptNotFoundCausesRMCommunicatorException fails. Contributed by Zhihai Xu.

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MAPREDUCE-5002. AM could potentially allocate a reduce container to a map attempt. Contributed by Chang Li

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YARN-1651. CapacityScheduler side changes to support container resize. Contributed by Wangda Tan

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