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HDFS-14564: Add libhdfs APIs for readFully; add readFully to ByteBufferPositionedReadable (#963) Contributed by Sahil Takiar.

Reviewed-by: Siyao Meng <>

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HDFS-12110: libhdfs++: Rebase HDFS-8707 on trunk, minor conflict resolution in this patch. Contributed by Deepak Majeti and Anatoli Shein.

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HDFS-10785: libhdfs++: Implement the rest of the tools. Contributed by Anatoli Schein

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HDFS-10754: libhdfs++: Create tools directory and implement hdfs_cat, hdfs_chgrp, hdfs_chown, hdfs_chmod and hdfs_find. Contributed by Anatoli Shein.

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HDFS-10494: libhdfs++: Implement snapshot operations and GetFsStats. Contributed by Anatoli Shein.

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Revert HDFS-9890. Needs some more work to reflect the current status of HDFS-8707. Done by James Clampffer

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HDFS-9890. libhdfs++: Add test suite to simulate network issues. Contributed by Xiaowei Zhu.

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HDFS-10465: libhdfs++: Implement GetBlockLocations. Contributed by Bob Hansen

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HDFS-9359. Test libhdfs++ with existing libhdfs tests. Contributed by Stephen Walkauskas.

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