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YARN-8054. Improve robustness of the LocalDirsHandlerService MonitoringTimerTask thread. Contributed by Jonathan Eagles

HDFS-11043. TestWebHdfsTimeouts fails. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao and Chao Sun.

HDFS-13315. Add a test for the issue reported in HDFS-11481 which is fixed by HDFS-10997. Contributed by Yongjun Zhang.

HADOOP-15330. Remove jdk1.7 profile from hadoop-annotations module

Signed-off-by: Akira Ajisaka <aajisaka@apache.org>

HADOOP-15332. Fix typos in hadoop-aws markdown docs. Contributed by Gabor Bota.

HDFS-13250. RBF: Router to manage requests across multiple subclusters. Contributed by Inigo Goiri.

HDFS-13307. RBF: Improve the use of setQuota command. Contributed by liuhongtong.

YARN-7581. HBase filters are not constructed correctly in ATSv2. Contributed by Habio Chen.

HADOOP-15062. TestCryptoStreamsWithOpensslAesCtrCryptoCodec fails on Debian 9. Contributed by Miklos Szegedi.

HDFS-13268. TestWebHdfsFileContextMainOperations fails on Windows. Contributed by Xiao Liang.

YARN-8053. Add hadoop-distcp in exclusion in hbase-server dependencies for timelineservice-hbase packages. (Rohith Sharma K S via Haibo Chen)

HDFS-13215. RBF: Move Router to its own module. Contributed by Wei Yan

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HDFS-13296. GenericTestUtils generates paths with drive letter in Windows and fail webhdfs related test cases. Contributed by Xiao Liang.

HADOOP-14667. Flexible Visual Studio support. Contributed by Allen Wittenauer

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YARN-8027. Setting hostname of docker container breaks for --net=host in docker 1.13. Contributed by Jim Brennan

YARN-8002. Support NOT_SELF and ALL namespace types for allocation tag. (Weiwei Yang via wangda)

Change-Id: I63b4e4192a95bf7ded98c54e46a2871c72869700

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HADOOP-15262. AliyunOSS: move files under a directory in parallel when rename a directory. Contributed by Jinhu Wu.

MAPREDUCE-7066. TestQueue fails on Java9

Signed-off-by: Akira Ajisaka <aajisaka@apache.org>

YARN-8028. Support authorizeUserAccessToQueue in RMWebServices. Contributed by Wangda Tan.

YARN-8040. [UI2] New YARN UI webapp does not respect current pathname for REST api. Contributed by Sunil G.

YARN-8039. Clean up log dir configuration in TestLinuxContainerExecutorWithMocks.testStartLocalizer. Contributed by Miklos Szegedi.

HDFS-12886. Ignore minReplication for block recovery. Contributed by Lukas Majercak.

YARN-7636. Re-reservation count may overflow when cluster resource exhausted for a long time. contributed by Tao Yang.

HADOOP-15234. Throw meaningful message on null when initializing KMSWebApp. Contributed by fang zhenyi.

YARN-7952. RM should be able to recover log aggregation status after restart/fail-over. (Xuan Gong via wangda)

Change-Id: I725c9afe64831eda0aa6b0bebdbc79d2dd165707

MAPREDUCE-7047. Make HAR tool support IndexedLogAggregtionController. (Xuan Gong via wangda)

Change-Id: Ice5ae1c706f2476361997dcbb29f2c33c77d4f0c

HADOOP-15209. DistCp to eliminate needless deletion of files under already-deleted directories. Contributed by Steve Loughran.

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HDFS-13280. WebHDFS: Fix NPE in get snasphottable directory list call. Contributed by Lokesh Jain.

HDFS-13224. RBF: Resolvers to support mount points across multiple subclusters. Contributed by Inigo Goiri.

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HDFS-12723. TestReadStripedFileWithMissingBlocks#testReadFileWithMissingBlocks failing consistently. Contributed by Ajay Kumar.