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HADOOP-14543. ZKFC should use getAversion() while setting the zkacl. Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula.

HADOOP-14547. [WASB] the configured retry policy is not used for all storage operations. Contributed by Thomas.

YARN-5876. TestResourceTrackerService#testGracefulDecommissionWithApp fails intermittently on trunk. (Robert Kanter via Yufei Gu)

HDFS-12024. Fix typo's in FsDatasetImpl.java. Contributed by Yasen liu.

HADOOP-14568. GenericTestUtils#waitFor missing parameter verification. Contributed by Yiqun Lin

YARN-5892. Support user-specific minimum user limit percentage in Capacity Scheduler. Contributed by Eric Payne.

HDFS-12009. Accept human-friendly units in dfsadmin -setBalancerBandwidth and -setQuota. Contributed by Andrew Wang.

YARN-5006. ResourceManager quit due to ApplicationStateData exceed the limit size of znode in zk. Contributed by Bibin A Chundatt.

HADOOP-12940. Fix warnings from Spotbugs in hadoop-common.

HDFS-12010. TestCopyPreserveFlag fails consistently because of mismatch in access time. Contributed by Mukul Kumar Singh.

HDFS-11789. Maintain Short-Circuit Read Statistics. Contributed by Hanisha Koneru.

YARN-6127. Add support for work preserving NM restart when AMRMProxy is enabled. (Botong Huang via asuresh).

HDFS-11067. DFS#listStatusIterator(..) should throw FileNotFoundException if the directory deleted before fetching next batch of entries. Contributed by Vinayakumar B.

HADOOP-14542. Add IOUtils.cleanupWithLogger that accepts slf4j logger API. Contributed by Chen Liang.

HDFS-11998. Enable DFSNetworkTopology as default. Contributed by Chen Liang.

Confusion/name conflict between NameNodeActivity#BlockReportNumOps and RpcDetailedActivity#BlockReportNumOps. Contributed by Erik Krogen.

HADOOP-14146. KerberosAuthenticationHandler should authenticate with SPN in AP-REQ. Contributed by Daryn Sharp

HDFS-11606. Add CLI cmd to remove an erasure code policy. Contributed by Tim Yao

HDFS-11933. Arguments check for ErasureCodingPolicy->composePolicyName. Contributed by Lu Fei

HDFS-11992. Replace commons-logging APIs with slf4j in FsDatasetImpl. Contributed by hu xiaodong.

HADOOP-14429. FTPFileSystem#getFsAction always returns FsAction.NONE. (Hongyuan Li via Yongjun Zhang)

HDFS-11647. Add -E option in hdfs "count" command to show erasure policy summarization. Contributed by luhuichun.

HDFS-11978. Remove invalid '-usage' command of 'ec' and add missing commands 'addPolicies' 'listCodecs' in doc. Contributed by wenxin he.

HADOOP-8143. Change distcp to have -pb on by default. Contributed by Mithun Radhakrishnan

HDFS-11960. Successfully closed files can stay under-replicated. Contributed by Kihwal Lee.

HADOOP-14533. Size of args cannot be less than zero in TraceAdmin#run as its linkedlist. Contributed by Weisen Han.

YARN-6713. Fix dead link in the Javadoc of FairSchedulerEventLog.java. Contributed by Weiwei Yang.

HDFS-11345. Document the configuration key for FSNamesystem lock fairness. Contributed by Erik Krogen.

HADOOP-14515. Specifically configure zookeeper-related log levels in KMS log4j.

HADOOP-14296. Move logging APIs over to slf4j in hadoop-tools.