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HADOOP-14194. Aliyun OSS should not use empty endpoint as default. Contributed by Genmao Yu

YARN-6979. [Addendum patch] Fixed classname and added javadocs. (Kartheek Muthyala via asuresh)

YARN-6979. Add flag to notify all types of container updates to NM via NodeHeartbeatResponse. (Kartheek Muthyala via asuresh)

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YARN-6852. Native code changes to support isolate GPU devices by using CGroups. (wangda)

Change-Id: I4869cc4d8ad539539ccba4bea5a178cacdb741ab

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YARN-6969. Clean up unused code in class FairSchedulerQueueInfo. (Larry Lo via Yufei Gu)

Revert "HADOOP-14732. ProtobufRpcEngine should use Time.monotonicNow to measure durations. Contributed by Hanisha Koneru."

This reverts commit 8bef4eca28a3466707cc4ea0de0330449319a5eb.

YARN-7007. NPE in RM while using YarnClient.getApplications(). Contributed by Lingfeng Su.

HADOOP-14769. WASB: delete recursive should not fail if a file is deleted. Contributed by Thomas Marquardt

HADOOP-14398. Modify documents for the FileSystem Builder API. (Lei (Eddy) Xu)

HDFS-12316. Verify HDFS snapshot deletion doesn't crash the ongoing file writes.

HDFS-12072. Provide fairness between EC and non-EC recovery tasks. Contributed by Eddy Xu.

YARN-6988. container-executor fails for docker when command length > 4096 B. Contributed by Eric Badger

HDFS-12250. Reduce usage of FsPermissionExtension in unit tests. Contributed by Chris Douglas.

YARN-3254. HealthReport should include disk full information. Contributed by Suma Shivaprasad.

HDFS-11082. Provide replicated EC policy to replicate files. Contributed by SammiChen.

HDFS-12269. Better to return a Map rather than HashMap in getErasureCodingCodecs. Contributed by Huafeng Wang.

MAPREDUCE-6936. Remove unnecessary dependency of hadoop-yarn-server-common from hadoop-mapreduce-client-common (haibochen via rkanter)

MAPREDUCE-6940. Copy-paste error in the TaskAttemptUnsuccessfulCompletionEvent constructor. Contributed by Oleg Danilov

YARN-6900. ZooKeeper based implementation of the FederationStateStore. (Íñigo Goiri via Subru).

YARN-7020. TestAMRMProxy#testAMRMProxyTokenRenewal is flakey. Contributed by Robert Kanter

YARN-6965. Duplicate instantiation in FairSchedulerQueueInfo. Contributed by Masahiro Tanaka.

HADOOP-14773. Extend ZKCuratorManager API for more reusability. (Íñigo Goiri via Subru).

HDFS-12301. NN File Browser UI: Navigate to a path when enter is pressed

YARN-7014. Fix off-by-one error causing heap corruption (Jason Lowe via nroberts)

YARN-5146. Support for Fair Scheduler in new YARN UI. Contributed by Abdullah Yousufi.

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HDFS-12066. When Namenode is in safemode,may not allowed to remove an user's erasure coding policy. Contributed by lufei.

HDFS-12054. FSNamesystem#addErasureCodingPolicies should call checkNameNodeSafeMode() to ensure Namenode is not in safemode. Contributed by lufei.

HDFS-11696. Fix warnings from Spotbugs in hadoop-hdfs. Contributed by Yiqun Lin.

HADOOP-14726. Mark FileStatus::isDir as final

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YARN-5978. ContainerScheduler and ContainerManager changes to support ExecType update. (Kartheek Muthyala via asuresh)