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HADOOP-16557. [pb-upgrade] Upgrade protobuf.version to 3.7.1 (#1432)

HADOOP-16557. [pb-upgrade] Upgrade protobuf.version to 3.7.1. Contributed by Vinayakumar B.

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HADOOP-16069. Support configure ZK_DTSM_ZK_KERBEROS_PRINCIPAL in ZKDelegationTokenSecretManager using principal with Schema /_HOST. Contributed by luhuachao.

HDDS-2156. Fix alignment issues in HDDS doc pages

Signed-off-by: Anu Engineer <aengineer@apache.org>

HDDS-2101. Ozone filesystem provider doesn't exist (#1473)

HDDS-2154. Fix Checkstyle issues (#1475)

HDDS-1054. List Multipart uploads in a bucket (#1277)

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HDFS-14609. RBF: Security should use common AuthenticationFilter. Contributed by Chen Zhang.

HDDS-2151. Ozone client logs the entire request payload at DEBUG level (#1477)

HADOOP-16556. Fix some alerts raised by LGTM.

Contributed by Malcolm Taylor.

Change-Id: Ic60c3f4681dd9d48b3afcba7520bd1e4d3cc4231

HADOOP-16582. LocalFileSystem's mkdirs() does not work as expected under viewfs. Contributed by Kihwal Lee

HDDS-2127. Detailed Tools doc not reachable

Signed-off-by: Anu Engineer <aengineer@apache.org>

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HDDS-2141. Missing total number of operations

Closes #1462

HDDS-2148. Remove redundant code in CreateBucketHandler.java

Closes #1471

HDDS-2119. Use checkstyle.xml and suppressions.xml in hdds/ozone projects for checkstyle validation

Closes #1435

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HDDS-2016. Add option to enforce GDPR in Bucket Create command

Closes #1458

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    /hadoop-hdds/docs/content/gdpr/GDPR in Ozone.md
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HDDS-2147. Include dumpstream in test report

Closes #1470

HDDS-730. ozone fs cli prints hadoop fs in usage

Closes #1464

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HDFS-14822. [SBN read] Revisit GlobalStateIdContext locking when getting server state id. Contributed by Chen Liang.

HDDS-2144. MR job failing on secure Ozone cluster. (#1466)

HDDS-2121. Create a shaded ozone filesystem (client) jar (#1452)

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HADOOP-16547. make sure that s3guard prune sets up the FS (#1402). Contributed by Steve Loughran.

Change-Id: Iaf71561cef6c797a3c66fed110faf08da6cac361

HDDS-2032. Ozone client should retry writes in case of any ratis/stateMachine exceptions. Contributed by Shashikant Banerjee (#1420).

HDFS-14836. FileIoProvider should not increase FileIoErrors metric in datanode volume metric. Contributed by Aiphago.

Reviewed-by: He Xiaoqiao <hexiaoqiao@apache.org>

HDDS-2065. Implement OMNodeDetails#toString

Closes #1387

Wrong commit message: Revert second "HDDS-2143. Rename classes under package org.apache.hadoop.utils"

This reverts commit 111b08a330cd463f377375f12413cee3673d4d51.

HDDS-2143. Rename classes under package org.apache.hadoop.utils

Closes #1465

HDDS-2143. Rename classes under package org.apache.hadoop.utils

Closes #1465

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HDDS-2137. HddsClientUtils and OzoneUtils have duplicate verifyResourceName()

Closes #1455

HDDS-2138. OM bucket operations do not add up

Closes #1468

HDDS-2134. OM Metrics graphs include empty request type

Closes #1451