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HDFS-14722. RBF: GetMountPointStatus should return mountTable information when getFileInfoAll throw IOException. Contributed by xuzq.

HDFS-14766. RBF: MountTableStoreImpl#getMountTableEntries returns extra entry. Contributed by Chen Zhang.

HDDS-1827. Load Snapshot info when OM Ratis server starts. (#1130)

HDFS-14674. [SBN read] Got an unexpected txid when tail editlog. Contributed by wangzhaohui.

HDFS-14761. RBF: MountTableResolver cannot invalidate cache correctly (#1334)

HDFS-14761. RBF: MountTableResolver cannot invalidate cache correctly

HDDS-1978. Create helper script to run blockade tests. (#1310)

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HDFS-14747. RBF: IsFileClosed should be return false when the file is open in multiple destination. Contributed by xuzq.

HDDS-2024. rat.sh: grep: warning: recursive search of stdin

Closes #1343

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HDDS-2023. Fix rat check failures in trunk (addendum)

HDDS-2023. Fix rat check failures in trunk

Closes #1342

HDDS-2000. Don't depend on bootstrap/jquery versions from hadoop-trunk snapshot

Closes #1339

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HDFS-14396. Failed to load image from FSImageFile when downgrade from 3.x to 2.x. Contributed by Fei Hui.

HDDS-1948. S3 MPU can't be created with octet-stream content-type (#1266)

HDFS-13596. NN restart fails after RollingUpgrade from 2.x to 3.x. Contributed by Fei Hui.

YARN-9774. Fix order of arguments for assertEquals in TestSLSUtils. Contributed by Nikhil Navadiya.

HDDS-1808. TestRatisPipelineCreateAndDestory times out (#1338)

HDFS-14617. Improve fsimage load time by writing sub-sections to the fsimage index (#1028). Contributed by Stephen O'Donnell.

Reviewed-by: He Xiaoqiao <hexiaoqiao@apache.org>

HDFS-14675. Increase Balancer Defaults Further. Contributed by Stephen O'Donnell.

Signed-off-by: Wei-Chiu Chuang <weichiu@apache.org>

Reviewed-by: Gabor Bota <gabota@apache.org>

HDDS-1347. In OM HA getS3Secret call Should happen only leader OM. (#670)

HDDS-2008 : Wrong package for RatisHelper class in hadoop-hdds/common module. (#1333)

HDFS-14583. FileStatus#toString() will throw IllegalArgumentException. Contributed by xuzq.

HDFS-14755. [Dynamometer] Enhance compatibility of Dynamometer with branch-2 builds. Contributed by Takanobu Asanuma.

HADOOP-16470. Make last AWS credential provider in default auth chain EC2ContainerCredentialsProviderWrapper.

Contributed by Steve Loughran.

Contains HADOOP-16471. Restore (documented) fs.s3a.SharedInstanceProfileCredentialsProvider.

Change-Id: I06b99b57459cac80bf743c5c54f04e59bb54c2f8

HADOOP-16193. Add extra S3A MPU test to see what happens if a file is created during the MPU. Contributed by Steve Loughran

HDFS-14763. Fix package name of audit log class in Dynamometer document (#1335)

HDFS-14358. Provide LiveNode and DeadNode filter in DataNode UI. Contributed by hemanthboyina.

HDFS-14741. RBF: RecoverLease should be return false when the file is open in multiple destination. Contributed by xuzq

HDFS-14744. RBF: Non secured routers should not log in error mode when UGI is default. Contributed by CR Hota.

HDFS-14276. [SBN read] Reduce tailing overhead. Contributed by Wei-Chiu Chuang.

HDDS-1999. Basic acceptance test and SCM/OM web UI broken by Bootstrap upgrade (#1327)