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check: silence ServerName warnings with MPM DSOs

When using shared MPMs, `httpd -V` will perform a full configuration

check, which emits warnings when there is no defined ServerName.

Unfortunately the test suite does a -V check for every test section,

spamming the output with noise.

Work around this by just uncommenting the example ServerName in the test


Finish cross-integration with trunk
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Sync-merge with trunk
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check: allow config tests to pass if necessary

When MPM DSOs are enabled, Apache::Test's invocation of `httpd -V` runs

a full configuration test. To pass, ensure that *all* instances of the

configured prefix path in the test configuration are pointing to a real

directory in check/.

check: search for MPM modules in the correct directory
Keep this branch alive; block r1777709 after reintegrate
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sync merge with trunk
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--with-test-suite: error instead of warning if Makefile.PL doesn't exist
check: enable all (non-MPM) modules when testing

We want to test everything the user builds, regardless of whether it's

enabled when first installed.

Enable zero-install testing

By pointing a local apxs script and corresponding config file into the

build tree, we can trick Apache::Test into testing a server that hasn't

actually been installed.

Add a --with-test-suite option for "in-tree" testing

Step one. It's not actually "in-tree" yet, since it requires running

`make install` first, but at least it gives us a `make check`.

An experimental branch for integrating Apache::Test with httpd