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Selection blendModes are working Copy and Paste For Copy and Paste to work, a focused, editable element needs to be assigned to the Clipboard.

DisableBead should not access the strand until it’s added

Percentage values should evaluate to NaN and not 0

example of custom cursor

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lookup other cursors in ValuesManager

add copy cursor. Other cursors can be added from flex-sdk/frameworks/projects/framework/assets. Rename the base class inside the file before committing

use different base class for FXG (requires 50f9d4530c669f1139b16129c45bca17c476fa3d from flex-falcon's tlf branch)

Fixed mouse BrowserEvent in Safari

Added Text and TLF to the framework builds

Use CSSUtils.toNumber()

Reverted equality checks

Forgot to reapply this

Better optimization for getItemIndex()

Revert "improve comparisons and move end condition calculation out of loop"

This reverts commit 6f03502df36ca0cd01a269db255b2a5c2cbea6f3.

first step for cursor management

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Reverted strict equality

include shift in new KeyboardEvent

Use “specialKey” for platform independent control/command

Added blendMode

Fixed keyboard events

Clear text data

Removed unnecessary as coersion

Added support for buttonDown (it only works for left button — is that right?)

Add missing dependencies in StorageExample's pom

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Add missing Apache header license

Cleaned up Text project dependencies

Remove unneeded modules from Text pom

Make Text and TLF module part of general build

Add pom for TLF module

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Add missing Apache License header ot TLFFactory