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FELIX-2906 : SCR plugin error with @Property(..., intValue=Integer.MAX_VALUE)
FELIX-2863 : Warnings and error messages contain @scr.* if annotations are used
FELIX-2731 : NPE while scanning sources with QDox
FELIX-2669 move scr.annotations to scrplugin/annotations and reorder sources amongst the new modules
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FELIX-2669 move maven plugin code to maven-scr-plugin subfolder
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FELIX-2476 : Update to QDox 1.12
FELIX-1708 Improve Error Reporting. The SCRDescriptorException now requires plain

messages and a source location and line number information. This can be used to

provide enhanced log messages with the Log interface (added signature for error

and warn messages with location and line information) and the IssueLog class. This

helps with non-Maven integrations supporting specialized logging if source and

line number information is present.

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FELIX-1684 Refactor plugin for non-Maven reuse. Everything maven specific

is in the o.a.f.scrplugin.mojo package. Everything else has no dependency

on Maven anymore.

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FELIX-1419 : Add support for nested/inner classes in SCR Plugins (QDox+Annotations). Apply patch from Stefan Seifert
FELIX-1010: Use qdox to read annotations; get default values by using reflection.
FELIX-1010 : Add annotations support for SCR plugin. Apply patch from Stefan Seifert
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Try latest QDox version to see if this fixes problems mentioned on the user list.
FELIX-618 - Search the import list for a service and test if the class in question implements the interface.
Correct handling of external references (static imports, same package etc)
Search for referenced values in external classes (either through imports or fully qualified)
Initial support for property value definition through arrays.
Felix-478: Fix classloading problems when trying to initialize a compiled class by adding slf4j to the classpath and provide a better error handling if classes can't be loaded.

- Move property handling into helper class to make the mojo class smaller

- Use compiled class to get the initial value of a field

- Add new valueRef attribute to the property tag which can reference a field in the same class.

FELIX-468 Implement ordering or JavaClassDescriptor's of the current project

to be handled by the plugin to ensure base classes are handled before their


RESOLVED - issue FELIX-446: Search of activation/deactivation method might get wrong result


FIXED - issue FELIX-444: Improve implemented service detection


Correct javadocs.
Fix for FELIX-367: Set the instance variable in unbind only to null if passed service object is the same as the stored one.
Remove generated methods from previous builds to avoid having the same method more than once in the resulting class file.
Correct byte code generation: calculate max frames and locals by hand (they're constant anyway) to avoid altering the existing byte code; fix putfield operation.
Fix type class reference for generated methods. Only create bind/unbind if flag is set. Refactor to use only one creation method.
Generate bind and unbind methods for references from fields using asm byte code manipulation.
Start searching of methods for references in the current source class and not in the class the reference is defined in. Start implementing method generation for references.
Remove sandbox from package name
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