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FELIX-3117 : NullPointerException when not implementing interface that is defined with @Service

FELIX-2963 : scr annotations @Activate @Deactivate @Modified are not detected with class inheritance
FELIX-2863 : Warnings and error messages contain @scr.* if annotations are used
FELIX-2669 move scr.annotations to scrplugin/annotations and reorder sources amongst the new modules
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FELIX-2669 move maven plugin code to maven-scr-plugin subfolder
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FELIX-2486 Implement isA method using Class.isAssignableFrom
FELIX-1898 : Extend SCR Plugin to support new updated method declaration. Apply patch by Felix Meschberger
FELIX-1708 Improve Error Reporting. The SCRDescriptorException now requires plain

messages and a source location and line number information. This can be used to

provide enhanced log messages with the Log interface (added signature for error

and warn messages with location and line information) and the IssueLog class. This

helps with non-Maven integrations supporting specialized logging if source and

line number information is present.

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FELIX-1684 Refactor plugin for non-Maven reuse. Everything maven specific

is in the o.a.f.scrplugin.mojo package. Everything else has no dependency

on Maven anymore.

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FELIX-1229 : Deactivate has more possibilites than activate; update versions as this are new major features.
FELIX-1010 : Add annotations support for SCR plugin. Apply patch from Stefan Seifert
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FELIX-824 Applied slightly modified patch by Thijs Metsch (Thanks)

Modifications are some minor reformatting, slight change in how the

Reference object field is set from the tag and ensuring the field is

written to the private descriptor file required for extensibility

FELIX-680 : Allow variables for reference names and lookup reference interface names in local imports.
FELIX-679 : Fix class cast exception
FELIX-644 : Throw exception with better message.
FELIX-645 : If a reference is already complete in a super class, don't check it again in a subclass.
FELIX-618 - Search the import list for a service and test if the class in question implements the interface.
IN PROGRESS - issue FELIX-507: properties and service names of extended components not always included


Search for referenced values in external classes (either through imports or fully qualified)
Initial support for property value definition through arrays.

- Move property handling into helper class to make the mojo class smaller

- Use compiled class to get the initial value of a field

- Add new valueRef attribute to the property tag which can reference a field in the same class.

FELIX-468 Implement ordering or JavaClassDescriptor's of the current project

to be handled by the plugin to ensure base classes are handled before their


RESOLVED - issue FELIX-446: Search of activation/deactivation method might get wrong result


RESOLVED - issue FELIX-445: Bind/Unbind methods are not found in inherited classes


FIXED - issue FELIX-444: Improve implemented service detection


Add missing class loader java field implementation (although it's not needed right now)
Correct javadocs.
Fix NPE by returning an empty array.
FELIX-375 implemented interfaces of base classes from the class path are not recognized
Remove sandbox from package name
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