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* upcoming.part.html: Automatically regenerated
Remove even more references of from the website.

The old site was taken down on 2020/07/01. See dev@

discussion "[PATCH] Remove references to from website" started

2020/07/07. Archive:

* docs/community-guide/l10n.html

Removed reference to old l10n-?? mailing lists.

Referred translation discussions to dev@.

* faq.html

Remove dead cvs2svn links.

* mailing-lists.html

Adjusted a comment to contain the right address for dev@

Remove reference to Tigris Discussion page.

* news.html

Make a note that is no longer available but keep old

link for historic reference.

* reporting-issues.html

Remove the section Issuezilla.

Patch by: Daniel Sahlberg <daniel.l.sahlberg{_AT_}>

* upcoming.part.html: Automatically regenerated
* publish/.message-ids.tsv: Automatically regenerated.
In 'staging': catch-up merge from 'publish'
  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
Remove references to from website.

* docs/community-guide/general.html

Participating in the community: Changed link to issue tracker to Jira

* docs/community-guide/releasing.html

Release numbering, Alpha and Beta: Replaced broken link to

* docs/community-guide/roles.part.html

How partial commit access is granted: Replaced broken link to

Patch by: Daniel Sahlberg <daniel.l.sahlberg{_AT_}>

* upcoming.part.html: Automatically regenerated
* docs/community-guide/releasing.part.html

(#releasing-announce): Add a step to update the "Status of this branch"

comments at the top of STATUS files.

* docs/release-notes/index.html

(#release-notes-list): Use an en dash, as the other entries do.

* docs/release-notes/index.html

(#release-notes-list): Add release date for 1.14

* upcoming.part.html: Automatically regenerated
* download.html: Use the same wording as in the download link.
* download.html: Don't link to the root KEYS file, as it no longer

gets updated.

In 1.14.0 announcement, add link to press release

* site/publish/index.html (#news-20200527),

site/publish/news.html (#news-20200527): Add link to press release

* site/publish/index.html (news): Remove older news items about 1.13.0 and

1.14.0-rc2, obsolete because 1.14.0 is released and 1.13.0 is EOL.

* docs/community-guide/releasing.part.html

(#release-announce): Document the potential for arbitrary, anonymous

rejections by announce-owner@a.o, in order to prevent RM's from

experiencing a negative surprise.

Patch by: stsp


* upcoming.part.html: Automatically regenerated
* publish/.message-ids.tsv: Automatically regenerated.
* publish/docs/release-notes/1.14.html (python3-work-in-progress): Add link to

a fixed ID of the cwiki "Subversion's Python 3 Support Status" page, so

that users will be able to see the status of each Python script as of the

1.14.0 release. Also, fix missing HTML paragraph tag.

* publish/docs/release-notes/1.14.html (python3): Remove the TODO reminder to

describe which versions of Python 3.x the project plans to support, as

there hasn't been a specific decision about this.

* site/publish/index.html,

site/publish/news.html: Add news items for 1.14.0 release.

* publish/download.html: Avoid language which suggests that releases between

1.14 and 1.10 are still supported.

* site/publish/download.html: Remove statements which declare the amount of

support as 4 years without giving any context about the release timespan.

* site/publish/download.html: Put 1.14 downloads into the #recommended-release

section. Tweak language which suggested that the recommended release could

not also be an LTS release.

* site/publish/download.html: Tweak the download page to keep the link

anchor #recommended-release intact. We are now in a situation were

both supported releases are LTS. Adjust the wording accordingly.

* site/publish: Merge outstanding changes from staging.

* site/staging/download.html: Announce 1.14 as the latest LTS, not "regular".

* site/staging/download.html: We only have LTS releases now so comment out

the "regular releases" subsection on this page.

* site/staging/download.html: 1.14 is an LTS, move download links to the

corresponding section.

* site/staging/download.html: Re-apply changes from r1878166 to the staging

site, with hopefully fixed HTML.