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Ask reporters to report only 1 vulnerability by email
Updates dependency-check-report.html
Update wiki demo help
Update OPIE and OPT links

Please use HTTPS for KEYS, sigs and hashes (OFBIZ-11193)

Fixes typos

Thanks: Sebb (Sebastian Bazley)


Please use HTTPS for KEYS, sigs and hashes (OFBIZ-11193)

Download page must provide verification instructions (OFBIZ-11194)

Thanks: Sebb (Sebastian Bazley)

Updated information about vulnerabilities fixed by 16.11.06.

Updated download page with new release information.

Improved: updates DTD on site

Improved: updates DTD on site

Improved: no functional change

As discussed with Mathieu on dev ML change the location of meta-data files that

are maintained manually. They are distributed inside the JAR to allow the

‘ServiceLoader’ API [1] to find the classes implementing a particular interface

(corresponding to the file name) efficiently.


I spotted this with RAT, for base.util.test.UtilObjectTests$TestFactoryIntf

The other same files have ASL2 headers, I decided to not change that.

Amends demos documentation

Updates demos documentation

Updates demos wiki page
Tag for Release apache-ofbiz-16.11.06
Added the tentative release notes (and its template) for the candidate release

16.11.06, in preparation for the vote.

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Adds an ending new line while at it :)
Adds gradle/wrapper files.

Those are not really ours and change when upgrading Gradle

site-enabled3 files, more for history.

They are actually generated by Puppet

from ofbiz-vm3.apache.org.yaml

in https://github.com/apache/infrastructure-p6

Mostly updates README.md after the switch to ofbiz-vm3 (on Amazon)


jesse.properties no longer exists in any branch (not sure why we have that)

we don't use init-gradle-wrapper.sh in demos

Removes the Gradle Wrapper files copies in tools\Buildbot\Gradle\Wrapper

The Gradle Wrapper files will stay in branches and trunk, so not point getting

them during builds. As we know all we be handled during RM.

No functional change, updates README.html on wiki
After adding the respective wrappers for each branch do the same for trunk

It's clearer

Adds the respective wrappers for each branch
Implemented: Remove the Gradle wrapper from our release packages and add a step

to our build notes


As explained in the Jira, copy the OFBiz/gradle/wrapper directory in


Later in Buildbot copy it back to its place, et voilà :)

When we will update Gradle we will need to update those. Anyway we need to ask

infra for the same. We have Gradle installed in /usr/lib/gradle/ on

"lares_ubuntu" , "orcus_ubuntu" , "silvanus_ubuntu" as says INFRA-13202.

Actually It's about Gradle to 3.2.1, I guess it's the same for Gradle 5.0.

I still need to modify the Buildbot conf file at


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Updates .xsd files
Improved: Call nit-gradle-wrapper.sh if gradlew not present

To prepare commit issue :

Remove the Gradle wrapper from our release packages

and add a step to our build notes (OFBIZ-10145)

Removes unused .imgRounded css block
We now recommend adoptopenjdk
Update widget-form.xsd: drop-down now has selected by default (was 1st in list)