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Revert "HDDS-2222 (#1578)"

This reverts commit 4cf0b3660f620dd8a67201b75f4c88492c9adfb3.

HDDS-2222 (#1578)

Thanks @jnp for reviewing this. Merging now.

YARN-9782. Avoid DNS resolution while running SLS. Contributed by Abhishek Modi.

HDFS-14879. Header was wrong in Snapshot web UI. Contributed by hemanthboyina

HDDS-2225. SCM fails to start in most unsecure environments due to leftover secure config

Closes #1568

HDFS-14637. Namenode may not replicate blocks to meet the policy after enabling upgradeDomain. Contributed by Stephen O'Donnell.

Reviewed-by: Ayush Saxena <ayushsaxena@apache.org>

Signed-off-by: Wei-Chiu Chuang <weichiu@apache.org>

HDFS-14889. Ability to check if a block has a replica on provided storage. Contributed by Ashvin Agrawal. (#1573)"

HDDS-2223. Support ReadWrite lock in LockManager. (#1564)

HDDS-2198. SCM should not consider containers in CLOSING state to come out of safemode. (#1540)

HDDS-2231. test-single.sh cannot copy results (#1575)

HDDS-2234. rat.sh fails due to ozone-recon-web/build files (#1580)

HDDS-2211. Collect docker logs if env fails to start (#1553)

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HDFS-14881. Safemode 'forceExit' option, doesn’t shown in help message. Contributed by Renukaprasad C.

HDDS-2226. S3 Secrets should use a strong RNG. (#1572)

HDFS-14888. RBF: Enable Parallel Test Profile for builds. Contributed by Ayush Saxena.

HADOOP-16605. Fix testcase testSSLChannelModeConfig

Contributed by Sneha Vijayarajan.

HADOOP-16620. [pb-upgrade] Remove protocol buffers 3.7.1 from requirements in BUILDING.txt (#1558)

* Removed protobuf 3.7.1 from Dockerfile

HDDS-2228. Fix NPE in OzoneDelegationTokenManager#addPersistedDelegat… (#1571)

HDFS-14858. [SBN read] Allow configurably enable/disable AlignmentContext on NameNode. Contributed by Chen Liang.

HDDS-2072. Make StorageContainerLocationProtocolService message based Contributed by Elek, Marton.

HADOOP-16599. Allow a SignerInitializer to be specified along with a Custom Signer

HDDS-2019. Handle Set DtService of token in S3Gateway for OM HA. (#1489)

HDDS-2224. Fix loadup cache for cache cleanup policy NEVER. (#1567)

HDDS-2162. Make OM Generic related configuration support HA style config. (#1511)

HADOOP-16624. Upgrade hugo to the latest version in Dockerfile

Signed-off-by: Akira Ajisaka <aajisaka@apache.org>

HDDS-2200 : Recon does not handle the NULL snapshot from OM DB cleanly.

Signed-off-by: Anu Engineer <aengineer@apache.org>

HDDS-2227. GDPR key generation could benefit from secureRandom. (#1574)

HDDS-2073. Make SCMSecurityProtocol message based. Contributed by Elek, Marton.

YARN-9792. Document examples of SchedulerConf with Node Labels. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph

HDDS-2201. Rename VolumeList to UserVolumeInfo. (#1566)

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