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update version

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update version and remove duplicate air line

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fix download cache

Hard code saxon jar name so ant scripts work

Fixed downlaod ant script to copy saxon9 notices

Added saxon9 notice files as we can no longer easily download them. Can't place in lib/external as it's cleaned and git ignored

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Fix 3rd party download issues

FLEX-35149 updating release notes with fix for FLEX-27509

FLEX-27509 CAUSE: In an AdvancedDataGrid with non-text item renderers AdvancedDataGrid.expandItem() applies masks onto those item renderers when it needs to close a node. At the same time, AdvancedListBase has its own custom mechanism for using masks to scroll vertically in a more efficient way. In order to detect whether it's used this mechanism, and reset the changes (detection happens in AdvancedListBase.removeClipMask(), while the mechanism is applied in addClipMask()), it simply asks whether the non-text item renderer has a mask applied. However, this mask could have been applied by the expandItem() mechanism mentioned above, which means that addClipMask() will never have been called. As a result, itemMaskFreeList is still null, which leads to the fatal.

SOLUTION: Ideally there should be a flag that specifies whether AdvancedListBase.addClipMask() has applied the masking mechanism. But for now we can simply check that itemMaskFreeList isn't null before we use it.

Merge branch 'release4.16.0' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-sdk into release4.16.0

Fix regression issue. Turns out LabelUtil.itemToLabel has side effects and text was not updated on control unless called

don't run jar checks on Windows

Update year to 2017

Update year to 2017

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Update year to 2017

Update year to 2017

Update year to 2017

use raw so we don't have to deal with redirects from http to https that Ant can't handle

Added no browse option to top finder from popping up

Copy contents of directory rather than directory

Added support for FP 24.0

update to mention support for AIR/Flash 24.0

Added support for AIR and flash player 24.0

try to fix install

download using ant vars

fix a few things

Changed saxon download link to one that works

Bring back loading installer config from flex.apache.org website.

Ensure Ant 1.7 behavior

update release notes