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correctly exclude zen theme

handle versionID for when two or more config entries have the same version. versionID is used to differentiate between the config entries

don't package zen theme. Try to not set build-number in flex-config in source package but only in binary package

fix noprompt flag

airsdk.xml not copied on Win. I don't see other files missing, but we are getting reports that there are. More testing needed

remove AIR Icon and link to it instead

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Updated to use FP14. Fixed minor formatting issues.

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Updated MD5 for FP 14.0

add broken asdoc examples

add installer-config to source package

switch air to 14

fix release notes based on feedback from rc1

fix readme based on feedback from rc1


add open-sans as subcomponent

remove old flex logo

remove a few files from asdoc

add approval script

add more issues suggested by piotr and fred

add time to timestamping. log if using cached version

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update readme

updated release notes

FLEX-23915 Form resizing. Accept patch from Joao Fernandes

FLEX-34375 FormItem resizing. Accept patch from Joao Fernandes

FLEX-34376 TreeItemRenderer null check. Accept patch from Joao Fernandes

FLEX_34368 Add percentageWidth to GridColumn. Accept patch from Alexander Konovalov with some modifications. Needs tests. Current tests pass

FLEX_34219 ToolTipManager bug. Accept patch from Constantin A (with some minor modifications)

FLEX-34353 fix shift-tab focus transfer from IE address bar

more chinese translations from Darkstone

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FLEX13036 fix nestLevel in containers with contentpane

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