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more use tofile instead of todir

use tofile instead of todir

this file shows up in rat

more installer fixes. swfobject now goes in the right javascript folder, pick up default player and air versions from sdk-installer-config-4.0.xml

fix some bugs in the air install and clean up 'in' folder if success

fixed incorrect references to FlexJS in license text

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update AIR / FP to default to more recent version

change version back to 4.13

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merge release4.12.0 branch to develop branch

fix asdoc html

fixed minor typo

add tlf fixes to release notes

fix tab/spaces issues

fix few minor layout issues and updated to mention FP/AIR 13 support

updated for FP/AIR 13 support

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added FP/AIR 13 support removed android skins as they have not been merged into this branch

fix few minor layout issues and updated to mention FP/AIR 13 support

switch to 4.12.1

update release notes

Accept Patch for FLEX-33948

Try to get FlexUnit CI build to call SDK 'downloads.xml' with 'build.noprompt=true' so it won't get stuck on the BlazeDS download...

Signed-off-by: Erik de Bruin <erik@ixsoftware.nl>

Removed commented trace

FIXED - FLEX-34230 StageText skins prevents garbage collection of component with TextInputs and TextAreas now, ScrollableStageText does not prevent GC anymore

Merge branch 'develop' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-sdk into develop

FIXED - FLEX-34231 StageText displays wrong text

Merge branch 'release4.12.0' into develop

FLEX-34013 - scrap is always plain text at this point

FLEX-34229 accept patch from Mihai Chira

FLEX-34216 accept patch from Mihai Chira

This test inconsistently fails on the MustellaVM, but no related bugs have been filed. As these failures 'cry wolf' a little too often, I've excluded the test altogether.

Signed-off-by: Erik de Bruin <erik@ixsoftware.nl>