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Date updated for Apache Flex 4.10 RC4

updated to reflect recent changes

Update removeItem in RELEASE_NOTES

comment out trace statements

Add 'New Project' issue to RELEASE_NOTES

Revert "Stop RTE with DataGrid inside ViewStack"

This reverts commit 5048ff082d209b868a7c89d1013d51b15bda70eb.

Add ProductInfo change to RELEASE_NOTES

Change 'Adobe Flex' to 'Apache Flex' in SWF metadata

Stop RTE with DataGrid inside ViewStack

revert addition of removeItem to IList. It was breaking third-party Ilist impls, including LCDS DataList

Fix FLEX-33632. Moved initialization of locale chain to after bundle modules are installed

FLEX-33165 fixed RTE in scroller

And back defaulting to AIR 3.8

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Changed build number to date as svn version number no longer exists

minor wording change

Minor changes including version tested on

Version change for Apache Flex 4.10 RC2

File in source release should be under version control

File in source release should be under version control

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Removed files that are are in source release

Merge branch 'develop' into release4.10.0

Adding in the main build.xml fix for the TLF_Home to the ASDOC build.xml

Renamed IDE creation files

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Merge branch 'release4.10.0' of https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-sdk into release4.10.0

Added security/update message. Change name of script to create IDE from Flash Builder to IDE. Fixed instruction on installing newer versions of AIR

Minor update to indicate the current Mustella testing status

Signed-off-by: Erik de Bruin <erik@ixsoftware.nl>

Updated intro, fixed a few minor errors and made line fit in 80 chars when possible.

Merge commit '25b2cf5ee159fc881981c4c361c31025acafa017' into release4.10.0

Added new fixed to release notes

fix tests on win with FP11.7