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Fixed: CMS add content not working. (OFBIZ-10833)

This fixes the mission content association and wrong update of the

parent content reported by Ingo Wolfmayr. Thanks Sebastian Berg for

providing the patch.

Fixed: Alternate KeyWord Thesaurus functionality does not work properly. (OFBIZ-11291)

Thanks Pawan Verma for reporting and Wiebke Pätzold for providing the


Fixed: Temporarily comment out the "stream" request-map in ecommerce controller for security reason (OFBIZ-11353)

A vulnerability has been reported to the OFBiz security team. To be able to

release the 17.12.01 version with this vulnerability fixed we need to

temporarily comment out the "stream" request-map in commonext controller.

We will later fix the specific issue to put back the functionalities allowed by

the "stream" request-map in this controller, see OFBIZ-11349

Improved: Error in user impersonation with sub permission (OFBIZ-11342)

Improved javadoc

Set 'checkMultiLevelAdminPermissionValidity' visibility to default

Add another test verifying that hierarchy in permission is respected

Thanks Mathieu for your review

Revert "Multi Part Input Parameters not Available in Groovy Event (OFBIZ-5048)"

This reverts commit 02d59bcd5b0b9040a2fda777d26c0879139ae646.

Revert "Improved: Remove unused services from party/services_view.xml and PartyServices.java/.xml. (OFBIZ-9988)"

This reverts commit 00a5d3413a238e0d2b18f2e076cd90670a2e5f71.

Fixed: Error in user impersonation with sub permission (OFBIZ-11342)

Add unit tests for permission control feature.

Add new method to manage multilevel permission control.

This allowing an user with PARTYMGR_ADMIN permission to impersonate

another user with PARTYMGR_PCM_CREATE permission.

Fixed: Form widget field with input-method="time-dropdown" unable to understand the default time. (OFBIZ-11150)

Thanks Wiebke Pätzold for reporting and providing the patch.

Fixed: Unnecessary ship groups in orders. (OFBIZ-10489)

Thanks, Oleg Andreyev and Mohammad Kathawala for your contribution.

Fixed: Unable to continue to Step 3 in One Page Checkout (OFBIZ-11318)

The following error is returned when trying to continue to Step3 when checking

out using One Page Checkout.

Could not create new purpose, a purpose with that type already exists.:

[GenericEntity:PartyContactWithPurpose][contactFromDate,2020-01-05 19:48:18.29



[partyId,admin(java.lang.String)][purposeFromDate,2020-01-05 19:48:18.332


It does not happen with DemoCustomer but at least with admin user

It was caused by OFBIZ-10588. I checked for similar issues and found that, in

unlike in createUpdateBillingAddress, in createUpdateShippingAddress and

createUpdateCreditCard partyId was used without a prior setting from


Thanks: James Young for proposing a solution. I rather fixed otherwise this and

another similar case in createUpdateCreditCard

Fixed: Crashed Scheduled jobs are not getting rescheduled with temporal expression (OFBIZ-11340)

When a OFBiz server are stopped or crashed with job on queued state,

at the start, they are restarted but without information on tempExprId and recurrenceInfoId

This causes a break for recurrence jobs to their planning

Thanks to Mohammed Rehan Khan for this issue and Scott Gray for the review.

Fixed: setUserTimeZone should ran only once based on error (OFBIZ-11329)

This will be notably useful when committing CSRF solution as explained in


SetTimeZoneFromBrowser when starting gives a RequestHandlerException:

Invalid or missing CSRF token for AJAX call to path '/SetTimeZoneFromBrowser'.

Also not only when starting.

Thanks: James Yong for review

Fixed: impersonateLogin (OFBIZ-5409)

I reopended this old issue because, while working on OFBIZ-11329, I found that

userLogin and impersonateLogin should be removed from


Thanks: James Yong for pointing that out

Improvement: German translation improvements in HumanResUiLabels (OFBIZ-11134)

Thanks Ulrich Heidfeld for reporting and providing the patch.

Multi Part Input Parameters not Available in Groovy Event (OFBIZ-5048)

This change provides easier access to the FileItem by not wrapping it

into a buffer.

Improved: ‘EntityOperator#getId()’ is not used in the framework (OFBIZ-10607)

Thanks Mathieu Lirzin for reporting and providing the patch.

Fixed: German translation typo in PartyUiLabels (OFBIZ-11308)

Thanks: Ingo Könemann for reporting and providing the patch.

Revert "Fixed: Potensial bug under CommunicationEventServices#updateCommEventAfterEmail for CommunicationEvent.subject field" (OFBIZ-10879)

This reverts commit bbcc4692dccdf573aa0205f927b56bc271719031.

Fixed: Fixed the issue on party page that will upload the data each time after refreshing the page. (OFBIZ-11325)

Earlier 'view' response type is used on the request that cause the issue.

We need to use request-redirect response type along with the required

redirect-parameter instead of view response type, i.e. We need to

request-redirect on viewProfile along with partyId as redirect-parameter.

Thanks: Humera Khan

Fixed: Potensial bug under CommunicationEventServices#updateCommEventAfterEmail for CommunicationEvent.subject field (OFBIZ-10879)

CommunicationEventServices#updateCommEventAfterEmail could generate wrong result. If general.properties value 'mail.notifications.redirectTo' is used, it is possible that the subject string has more than 255 character.

Thanks, Ulrich Heidfeld for your contribution.

Fixed: Same content uploaded twice, if refresh the page after uploading the content (OFBIZ-11171)

Thanks, Humera Khan and Shubham Goswami for your contribution.

Fixed: Order Status History section broken for anonymous order (OFBIZ-11231)

Reason for the issue: Anonymous orders doen't have associated User login record, so shown statusUserLogin in that case.

Fixed: updatePassword does not save optional parameter requirePasswordChange (OFBIZ-11320)

When changing the password of a User Login through the Party Manager the Require Password Change dropdown menu selection does not save the selected value. The corresponding process is missing from the LoginMapProcs.xml.

Thanks: Ingo Könemann for your contribution.

Fixed: Bug when order contains adjustments with NULL amount (OFBIZ-11316)

The issue was introduced by OFBIZ-7012 where adding isTaxIncludedInPrice was

missing at line 565. Because the compared amount in this line (in the adjustment)

is different from 0 and equals to amountAlreadyIncluded only if

the tax is included in price

Thanks: Amine Azzi

Fixed: Fix typo

Fixed: Extend the thru date of the demo financial period (and simplify some related demo data for easier future maintenance) in order to fix some tests that are failing in the new year.

Improved: Equivalent of svn:auto-props properties on the server (OFBIZ-OFBIZ-11279)

This is needed as explained at https://s.apache.org/i86ht

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Saving files before refreshing line endings

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Improved: Equivalent of svn:auto-props properties on the server (OFBIZ-OFBIZ-11279)

We should have an equivalent of svn:auto-props properties on the server:


Fixed: Add button for 'Gift Message is shown on completed order (OFBIZ-11160)

Thanks: Pierre Smits for report and Shivanand Chhatre for the fix.