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PR 275 Merge vanilla HBase 0.98.10 support

Update install_hadoop_regr_test_env

move from master branch to fix : Fix for JIRA 1712. Use of option -p in hadoop fs -mkdir

support vanilla hbase 0.98.10

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Merge [TRAFODION-1704] PR-224 T2 and T4 driver cleanup

TRAFODION-1704: T2 and T4 driver cleanup

Removed obsolete files from T2, redesigned result set code for T4 driver code

so same files can be removed.

Removed,, and from T2 and T4 code

Added to T4 code to store and manage an array of objects

TRAFODION-1642 Release 1.3.0 copyrights and license files are incorrect

Part 3 of cleaning up copyrights and license files

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Merge [TRAFODION-1642] PR 209 License fixes into release 1.3 branch

updated Linux driver package files to remove LICENSE requirement

added back .gitignore and added .gitattributes

Minor update to .rat-excludes file

TRAFODION-1642: Release 1.3.0 copyrights and license files are incorrect

Part 2 of copyright and licensing changes

Removed double copyrights in files

Updated LICENSE, README, RAT_README to reflect latest changes

Added licenses directory to include license text

Added .gitattributes to exclude files from the source tar file

Changed Hewlett Packard copyright to Apache copyrights in win-odbc

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Merge [TRAFODION-1636] and [TRAFODION-1642] PR-185 Copyrights, License, and Notice file updates

Copied pull request 187 to release1.3 branch

updated .rat-excludes and RAT_README.txt to include copyright changes


TRAFODION-1636: wms and dcs directories contain NOTICE and LICENSE FILES

TRAFODION-1642: Release 1.3.0 copyrights and license files are incorrect

Fixed up copyrights

Removed Apache copyrights (should only have one copyright in file)




Removed copyright - deemed to be our code and can safely remove





Replaced Hewlett Packard copyright with Apache copyright











Removed code/files that are not being used that contain invalid copyrights











Removed filters for Hewlett Packard, Tandem, Compaq, and Microsoft. None of

test software should returns these values



Removed LICENSE and NOTICE files from child directories






Reworded comment so Copright would not show up on search


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Merge [TRAFODION-1623] PR 171 Installation fails

Fix for TRAFODION-1623

Merge [TRAFODION-1612] and [TRAFODION-1613] build changes

Trafodion-1612 and Trafodion-1613

1612: Stop building HBase-trx for MAPR, due to instable Maven repository

- removed mapr from the build_all step in the hbase_trx Makefile, we now create

6 jar files instead of 7

1613: build failing due to mismatched Maven downloads

When building Trafodion from source objects, Maven is required. It is not

possible to download Maven from yum, instead it needs to be installed. There

are a few problems related to how Maven is managed with Trafodion builds.

- In many environments, Maven is already installed. The check to see if Maven

is already installed is commented out in This has been


- Today, checks to see if mvn is installed, if not, it sets it to

version 3.0.5 but we install 3.3.3. Changed the code to return an error:

"ERROR unable to find mvn (MAVEN) in path" to inform the user that mvn needs

to be added to the path before building. An error is also returned during

the build (make) if mvn is not found in the path.

- As part of the above change, it was noted that many of the tools were being

set to the value of $TOOLSDIR when $TOOLSDIR may not be set. Checks were

added to see if the environment variable was already set. This allows

someone to specify a different location for these tools as described in the

additional build tools wiki page.

- Changed the output returned in BISON does not have to be in

the path but needs to be specified correctly in the environment variable.

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Merge TRAFODION-1569 Release package has missing and imcomplete files

TRAFODION-1569 Release package has missing and incorrect files

Couple of additional fixes to remove obsolete names

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TRAFODION-1560 Release package has missing and incorrect files

Fixed a RAT issue with trafodion_license file

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Trafodion-1569 -- Release package has missing and incorrect files

Created a DISCLAIMER.txt file

Created a LICENSE.txt file

removed the file and replaced it with README.txt

Updated the NOTICE.txt to add copyright dates from HP

Modified RAT_README.txt and .rat-excludes to match the

soure package; also reformatted it a bit

Remove the file license-gpl2.txt since it is not used

Change the license copyrights around in trafodion_license so it will

pass the rat test

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Merge [TRAFODION-1540] PR-136 Replace host name with IP address

Merge [TRAFODION-1519] PR-126 Use free tool to build windows ODBC

Merge remote branch 'origin/pr/148/head' into mrg_73

[TRAFODION-1564]Split/balance is not being delayed

Region split/balance is not being delayed if Trx Scanner obj is present

Fix was to delay on scanners list clear OR pending list clear instead

of AND.

Moved sqgen step after dcsinstaller and restinstaller

Merge branch 'master' of into wrk-brnch

Merge remote branch 'origin/pr/144/head' into merge_trafodion144

Merge remote branch 'origin/pr/140/head' into merge_trafodion140