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Move realtime branch away as tag
merge trunk (1097442:1097764)
LUCENE-3023: added changes.txt entry for DWPT LUCENE-2956, LUCENE-2573, LUCENE-2324, LUCENE-2555
LUCENE-3023: re-added accidentially removed deprecations from LUCENE-2555
LUCENE-3023: moved IWC.DEFAULT_MAX_THREAD_STATES into DocumentsWriterPerThreadPool
whitespace/better names
also set tvd/tvf to null after close
LUCENE-3023: push global deletes if no document was flushed during global flush
minor code formatting
merge trunk (r1097339)
LUCENE-3023: manually merged missed chunks from trunk and minor cleanup after review patch from re-integration
LUCENE-3023: cleaned up javadoc with respect to DWPT changes
LUCENE-3023: reenabled lost infostream output
LUCENE-3023: re-enabled testIndexingThenDeleting
LUCENE-3023: add changes that were lost (e.g. marked as merged but somehow didnt make it in)
  1. … 41 more files in changeset.
merge r1097187
missing svn:eol-style
  1. … 223 more files in changeset.
merge trunk (1096303:1097172)
  1. … 26 more files in changeset.
LUCENE-3023: more cleanups
LUCENE-3023: fixed test case to not depend on num cpus
LUCENE-3023: make sure we don't miss a new initialized DWPT when flushing all DWPT
added some debug information
LUCENE-3023: more cleanup, asserts and javadoc
add some more todos
LUCENE-3023: some polishing & removed all nocommit
merge up to trunk rev 1096302
  1. … 48 more files in changeset.
LUCENE-3023: merged with trunk
  1. … 109 more files in changeset.
LUCENE-3023: some clean-up and nocommits
merged with trunk
  1. … 48 more files in changeset.
LUCENE-3032: TestIndexWriterException fails with NPE on realtime