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WICKET-6802 guard agains any exception

storing the page type is optional anyway

WICKET-6800 AjaxRequestHandler: Keep listeners in a LinkedHashSet instead of LinkedList for performance reason (#438)

WICKET-6797 Use space character as a separator for event names in AjaxEventBehavior

WICKET-6796 Report the component path when failing to set a new object to a read only model

WICKET-6793 remove pending from map too

WICKET-6795 Avoid splitting and joining ajax event name if it does not contain whitespace

[WICKET-6789] javadoc and guide are updated

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[WICKET-6789] 'base-uri' is added to CSPDirective enum

WICKET-6774: improve documetation for getBehaviorId, do not permit temporary behaviors

[WICKET-6783] MicroMap is deprecated, typo is fixed

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[WICKET-6783] ConcurrentHashSet is removed

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WICKET-6779 Upgrade JQuery 3 to 3.5.1

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WICKET-6778: put REMOVALS_KEY metadata behind a flag

WICKET-6777 Use string concatenation instead of formatting and replace switch with enum parameter (#426)

WICKET-6771 avoid access to removals

unless needed

WICKET-6773 Improve performance of `getBehaviors` by returning `Collections.emptyList` instead of wrapping the empty result

this closes #422

WICKET-6772 Use StandardCharsets.UTF_8 instead of looking up charsets

this closes #421

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WICKET-6769 make interface public

WICKET-6769 allow custom map implementation

WICKET-6768 allow creating TagTester with empty attribute value

WICKET-6766 same page manager setup for tests as in Wicket 8

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Revert the changes made at 26.03.2020

Commit cd441346709ba932d0870eaf72f048bfee51370a made IRequestableComponent's and IManageablePage's #onDetach() methods 'default'.

This works fine in Java but breaks Scala (2.13.0) compiler.

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WICKET-6747 removed obsolete handler parameter

WICKET-6563 javadoc improvements

WICKET-6563 add CachingPageStore

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Make some **HeaderItems' members 'final'

Do not close the RandomAccessFile too early.

Its channel is closed by the callers

WICKET-6751 Minor improvements

Add licence headers

Check for null before using 'previous' page lock

Minor improvements in pageStore package

* Remove ISerializer from some PageStore impls because it is not used anyway

* Use Java 8 diamonds where possible

* Fix javadoc errors

* Add empty default implementation for #detach() methods in interfaces. It is implemented very rarely. In the current case only in

* Make some member fields 'final'

* Add null-checks for File.list() methods

* Use Java 8+ lambda methods where applicable

* Replace deprecated Mockito.verifyZeroInteractions() with verifyNoInteractions()

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WICKET-6747 use "hidden" attribute

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