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ISIS-2148: removes starter apps, updates doc structure

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ISIS-2186: general tidy up of integration tests

* moves app manifests as static classes of IntegTestAbstract

- done this for the spring boot app also

* adds new IsisPresets for log4j2-test.xml

* adds comments with suggested usage in starter app's application.yml and

* makes HelloWorldModule into a @Configuration @ComponentScan

* reorganises simpleapp's BDD classes

* removes liveReload gradle stuff from simpleapp (we can use devtools eventually for this)


* removes lockdown test from helloworld

* reinstates commented-out code from helloworld

* adds banner.txt for helloworld and simpleapp

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ISIS-2186: fake data integ tests, simplifying simpleapp integ tests also

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ISIS-2186: renames ExtFixturesModule to IsisExtFixturesModule, and SpringAppConfiguration to SpringAppManifest

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ISIS-2186: starts to add in fakedata integ tests.

... though have commented out in order to look at simpleapp more closely first.

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ISIS-2158: introduces managed bean WebAppConfiguration

- instead of IsisConfiguration we bundle some configuration logic with


- yet makes the menubar.layout.xml mandatory, needs refinement if we

want to allow absence of a menubar.layout.xml

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ISIS-2181: moves starter apps to starters/ and demo app up one level

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