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ISIS-833: reverting isis-module-wrapper -> isis-core-wrapper.

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ISIS-839: fixing RAT errors (missing license headers).

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ISIS-831: property and collection interactions stuff more or less there...

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ISIS-831: digression: moving progmodel/facets into metamodel/facets

... and getting names consistent.

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ISIS-833: moved applib services into own modules, rationalized most of the applib/runtime modules

(full details are on the corresponding JIRA,, along with draft text for aiding migratio when prepare release notes).

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ISIS-833: starting to break out modules

* new (empty) modules:

- isis-module-audit-jdo; isis-module-background; isis-module-command-jdo; isis-module-devutils; isis-module-publishing-jdo; isis-module-settings;

* renamed o.a.i.core:isis-core-wrapper to o.a.i.module.isis-module-wrapper

* added Javadoc comments to those services already annotated with @DomainService and implemented either in applib or core.runtime:

- Bulk.InteractionContext; ClassDiscoveryServiceUsingReflections; ClockService; CommandContext; QueryResultsCache; Scratchpad; MementoServiceDefault;

* IsisJdoSupportImpl now annotated with @DomainService (since part of core) so automatically registered

* EventBusServiceJdo now annotated with @DomainService (since part of core) so automatically registered

* EventBusServiceDefault now marked as deprecated because it has effectively been subsumed by EventBusServiceJdo

* IsisJdoSupport moved from jdo-applib to core-applib; requires update to applib's pom.xml to reference javax.jdo:jdo-api

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