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YARN-3948. Display Application Priority in RM Web UI.(Sunil G via rohithsharmaks)

(cherry picked from commit b6265d39c5d0fda21dfe55273f193d8a6a20c6a8)

HDFS-8856. Make LeaseManager#countPath O(1). (Contributed by Arpit Agarwal)

MAPREDUCE-6443. Add JvmPauseMonitor to JobHistoryServer. Contributed by Robert Kanter.

YARN-4019. Add JvmPauseMonitor to ResourceManager and NodeManager. Contributed by Robert Kanter. (cherry picked from commit cfee02b3bdd1117370200c9d8ce216676cff8888)

YARN-3961. Expose pending, running and reserved containers of a queue in REST api and yarn top (adhoot via asuresh)

(cherry picked from commit 154c9d2e421390c808dea3b2826cdaae492ea337)

HDFS-8815. DFS getStoragePolicy implementation using single RPC call (Contributed by Surendra Singh Lilhore)

(cherry picked from commit cc71ad80e184fc6e5043729e8cfcf6a62ca3e71f)

YARN-3992. TestApplicationPriority.testApplicationPriorityAllocation fails intermittently. (Contributed by Sunil G)

(cherry picked from commit df9e7280db58baddd02d6e23d3685efb8d5f1b97)

Revert "HDFS-8499. Refactor BlockInfo class hierarchy with static helper class. Contributed by Zhe Zhang."

This reverts commit c17439c2ddd921b63b1635e6f1cba634b8da8557.

(cherry picked from commit f4c523b69ba55b1fd35e8995c3011a9f546ac835)

  1. … 17 more files in changeset.
Revert "HDFS-8623. Refactor NameNode handling of invalid, corrupt, and under-recovery blocks. Contributed by Zhe Zhang."

This reverts commit de480d6c8945bd8b5b00e8657b7a72ce8dd9b6b5.

(cherry picked from commit 663eba0ab1c73b45f98e46ffc87ad8fd91584046)

HADOOP-11932. MetricsSinkAdapter may hang when being stopped. Contributed by Brahma Reddy Battula (cherry picked from commit f59612edd74d1bef2b60870c24c1f67c56b2b3cb)

HADOOP-12304. Applications using FileContext fail with the default file system configured to be wasb/s3/etc. Contributed by Chris Nauroth.

(cherry picked from commit 3da0bedaec38714a62c3b7244e84bc4f981ddf45)

YARN-3983. Refactored CapacityScheduleri#FiCaSchedulerApp to easier extend container allocation logic. Contributed by Wangda Tan (cherry picked from commit ba2313d6145a1234777938a747187373f4cd58d9)

YARN-3736. Add RMStateStore apis to store and load accepted reservations for failover (adhoot via asuresh)

(cherry picked from commit f271d377357ad680924d19f07e6c8315e7c89bae)

HADOOP-12302. Fix native compilation on Windows after HADOOP-7824 (Vinayakumar B via Colin P. McCabe)

(cherry picked from commit 4ab49a436522f87cd462a9eae20fe10fe5c28fb2)

HADOOP-12274. Remove direct download link from BULIDING.txt. Contributed by Caleb Severn.

(cherry picked from commit 52f3525586154723a606cc31d33fdc1bece1dd5f)

HADOOP-12269. Update aws-sdk dependency to 1.10.6 (Thomas Demoor via Lei (Eddy) Xu)

(cherry picked from commit d5403747b57b1e294e533ce17f197e7be8f5339c)

HADOOP-12280. Skip unit tests based on maven profile rather than NativeCodeLoader.isNativeCodeLoaded (Masatake Iwasaki via Colin P. McCabe)

(cherry picked from commit 6f83274afc1eba1159427684d72d8f13778c5a88)

HDFS-8844. TestHDFSCLI does not cleanup the test directory (Masatake Iwasaki via Colin P. McCabe)

(cherry picked from commit c95993cbaf51e2925ea9b1b95cf4f0d879e66489)

HDFS-8850. VolumeScanner thread exits with exception if there is no block pool to be scanned but there are suspicious blocks. (Colin Patrick McCabe via yliu)

YARN-4004. container-executor should print output of docker logs if the docker container exits with non-0 exit status. Contributed by Varun Vasudev

(cherry picked from commit c3364ca8e75acfb911ab92e19f357b132f128123)

YARN-3543. ApplicationReport should be able to tell whether the Application is AM managed or not. Contributed by Rohith Sharma K S

(cherry picked from commit 0306d902f53582320aa5895ca9f5c31f64aaaff6)

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YARN-3965. Add startup timestamp to nodemanager UI. Contributed by Hong Zhiguo (cherry picked from commit 469cfcd695da979e56c83d9303f9bc1f898c08ce)

YARN-3978. Configurably turn off the saving of container info in Generic AHS (Eric Payne via jeagles)

(cherry picked from commit 3cd02b95224e9d43fd63a4ef9ac5c44f113f710d)

YARN-3974. Refactor the reservation system test cases to use parameterized base test. (subru via curino)

(cherry picked from commit 8572a5a14b999a866fa64ce32ee20078ffefdb1e)

HDFS-8847. change TestHDFSContractAppend to not override testRenameFileBeingAppended method. Contributed by Zhihai Xu

(cherry picked from commit 90b510405af5ac9d4947c4201065b64994f7ef63)

HADOOP-12268. AbstractContractAppendTest#testRenameFileBeingAppended misses rename operation. Contributed by Zhihai Xu

(cherry picked from commit a628a6f126473a99f9370ba642994ce2909a2d9e)

HDFS-6860. BlockStateChange logs are too noisy. Contributed by Chang Li and Xiaoyu Yao.

(cherry picked from commit d311a38a6b32bbb210bd8748cfb65463e9c0740e)

HADOOP-12183. Annotate the HTrace span created by FsShell with the command-line arguments passed by the user (Masatake Iwasaki via Colin P. McCabe)

(cherry picked from commit 454da959c726528ac98dbca1b935a83ed4b9e235)

HADOOP-7824. NativeIO.java flags and identifiers must be set correctly for each platform, not hardcoded to their Linux values (Martin Walsh via Colin P. McCabe)

(cherry picked from commit 21d10ccc6e463cf250414264c78acb4a6e7c83e3)

MAPREDUCE-6394. Speed up Task processing loop in HsTasksBlock#render(). Contributed by Ray Chiang (cherry picked from commit d0e0ba8010b72f58ddede5303f2b88404263d4bf)