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Merge commit 'd90867218312b97113ce7c50c5232f6e5ceee9be'

Update apache rat in ApproveSDK script

Add information to use Extension Manager CS6 which fix problem with hang of Extension Manager CS5 on Windows 10

Update rat version in releasecandidate.xml file

missing headers

ignore saxon parts

add AwesomeUtils

Change CURRENT_VERSION to 4.16.1

More version updates

Update version to 4.16.1

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Update release notes to 4.16.1

FLEX-35364 - Run air-setup-mac on all non windows OS

FLEX-35364 - Fix issue where "air-setup-mac" target launched their dependents targets on windows before checking condition (it is default ant behavior) - Fix some merge issue

FLEX-35362 CAUSE: the DropDownController signals that the DropDownListBase is open immediately, even before the latter has actually made that change on stage. Since the opening takes one or two frames, it leaves a few milliseconds in which code which relies on that open/closed state erroneously assumes that it can use elements that should be on stage or initialized. In this case it's the layout property, which, due to the skin of the DropDownList, is only initialized once the drop down is actually open.

SOLUTION: we check whether the layout is not-null, and if it is, we select items in the list as if it were closed.


-also edited some comments, simplified Array instantiation, and removed an empty constructor.

-now the unit test will pass.

FLEX-35362 Added unit test to reproduce the bug. As expected, it currently fails.

FLEX-35321 CAUSE: if the object isn't on stage when we'd normally set its initialized flag to true, we correctly skip this step, but we also need to set its updateCompletePendingFlag back to false, so that in case it's added to stage again it can work correctly, and have its initialized flag set to true as expected. This second step was skipped in the previous commit. This could be noticed, for example, in DataGrid, which would not show the renderers which it initially used in GridViewLayout.updateTypicalCellSizes(). SOLUTION: set the updateCompletePendingFlag to false even if the object isn't on stage anymore. NOTES: also removed unused imports and an unused local variable.

FLEX-18746 CAUSE: HierarchicalCollectionView.updateLength() was ignoring nodes without children, as it should. However, the function it called for the nodes with children, getChildren() unfortunately had a necessary side-effect (which is a poor design choice, to be sure), which was to add an event listener to the children collection. So the empty collections of nodes were not listened to, which meant that once the node was open any children that were added to that node were not counted towards the length of the collection. And one way this inconsistency surfaced was through the expandItem() fatal.

SOLUTION: The best - and most time-consuming - solution to this is to find a way to extract the side-effect of getChildren() into a separate function and call it when needed. However, for the moment I have opted to simply allow getChildren() to be called even for empty nodes, which in turn adds the event listeners.

NOTES: all unit tests now pass.

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FLEX-18746 Adding another unit test which goes to the heart of the bug - the length calculation in HierarchicalCollectionView. (Currently the test function test_opening_closing_with_Jill_having_no_children_to_begin_with() fails, as expected.)

FLEX-18746 Added the same test, but without using opening animation. (This way the bug cannot be reproduced, which is a good clue.)

FLEX-35351 FLEX-18746 Now unit tests can be run for the mx project, and they're also included in the entire frameworks suite

FLEX-18746 Renamed the main test function and increased the timeout a bit.

FLEX-18746 Added unit test (current fails).

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop

FLEX-35329: fixed issue where initializing member variable/constant that is [Deprecated] incorrectly throws extra warning

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop

sync up our KEYS file with dist

Add my public key

FLEX-35321 CAUSE: If a component is removed from stage during a validation cycle, the LayoutManager nevertheless sets its initialized flag to true, even if it's not on stage anymore. That's because it doesn't check at the end whether the component is still on stage.

SOLUTION: Now the LayoutManager verifies that the component is still on stage before initializing it.

FLEX-35321 Refined tests, including checking for how many validation steps happen for size, properties and display list. Without the fix all those expected to fail fail (the last one is not expected to fail without the fix, because it's there just to make sure no regression is introduced by the fix), while with the fix all of them pass.

FLEX-35321 test_object_removed_from_stage_via_user_action_is_not_initialized() needed one more frame to complete (made sure it fails without the proposed fix, and passes with it). Also made some variable and function renames, plus now we can also test how many times each validation function has been called.