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CAMEL-14568: camel component configurations include nested configuration classes

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Add inclusion of Spring Boot starter documentation

This adds the `include::` directives needed to incorporate the

documentation from the Camel Spring Boot starters.

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Remove spring boot autoconfigure as they are now in camel-spring-boot

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[CAMEL-14523] Regen

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Reduce the size of the generated component/endpoint configurers by using a single switch statement

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property configurer does not use map/hashmap in the generated source code so remove from imports

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Include enums in component documentation

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[CAMEL-14468] Move generated code into src/generated

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CAMEL-14421: optimize core - ServiceSupport should not have instance logger. Use static logger instead.

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CAMEL-14284: Configuring endpoint should set properties on endpoint and not configuration object - Paho component

Remove dangling SB metadata file that was generated using old tooling.

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CAMEL-14173: camel-paho - Do not unsubscribe for durable topics when stopping. Thanks to Roland Beisel for reporting. Removed support for suspend/resume as it wouldnt work properly either with durable topics.

CAMEL-14180: Fix Checkstyle issues

Seems that previous versions of Checkstyle had few issues with checking

import sort/grouping. So I've run impsort Maven plugin:

mvn net.revelc.code:impsort-maven-plugin:sort -Dimpsort.groups=java,javax,org.w3c,org.xml,junit -Dimpsort.removeUnused=true -Dimpsort.staticAfter=true

To sort all the imports according to the Checkstyle rule.

Few remaining issues around indentation and unnecessary parentheses I

fixed manually.

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CAMEL-13643: Change Spring Boot starters groupId

This changes the Spring Boot starters Maven groupId from

`org.apache.camel` to `org.apache.camel.springboot`. Also updates the

documentation, BOM generation, archetype and examples.

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Polished docs

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CAMEL-14169: Regen options

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CAMEL-13825: Fix and regen docs

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tiny cleanups: - remove unused import statements - make use of type inference for generic instance creation - remove obsolete 'public', 'static' and 'final' modifiers in interfaces - change field/method accesses to it's owning supertype - remove obsolete type castings - remove obsolete semicolons

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CAMEL-14095: Use since instead of available as of in the docs

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Fixed CS

CAMEL-14052: camel-paho make it possible to configure all its options via compoent options that also works for Spring Boot

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CAMEL-14052: camel-paho make it possible to configure all its options via compoent options that also works for Spring Boot

CAMEL-14052: Polished

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CAMEL-14052: Allow to configure username/password on paho component more easily.

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CAMEL-13850: Remove resolvePropertyPlaceholders on DefaultComponent as this is already supported via camel main, spring boot and other means. This avoid reflection overhead on bootstrap.

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CAMEL-13839: replace all NO-BREAK SPACE with SPACE

This replaces all NO-BREAK SPACE characters (UTF-8: 0xC2 0xA0) with

regular dull old space character (UTF-8: 0x20). This should help with

the URLs that lead with NO-BREAK SPACE being detected as URLs and render

properly by Asciidoctor.

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Removed unused imports

CAMEL-13801 - Fixed CS for Camel-paho

CAMEL-13801 - camel3 - Use @BindToRegistry wherever possible, Camel-Paho