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CAMEL-13893: refactor to remove ConfigurationOp...


This refactors so we reuse PropertyDefinition instead of introducing

ConfigurationOption and ConfigurationOptions. Also opts to use an

XmlAdapter implementation for marshalling/unmarshalling

Map<String, String>.

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CAMEL-13893: reintroduce configuration options ...

...for Any23 XML configuration

This reintroduces configuration options for Any23 XML configuration by

adding `ConfigurationOptions` class that's mapped within Camel's XML


Also adds a unit test to the REST DSL XML generator to check if the

generated XML DSL root element is declared with default namespace.

Also excludes *Helper classes from being declared in Spring and OSGi

Blueprint schemas.

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CAMEL-13893: disable configurations

We need to disable `configurations` in Any23 as a quick solution on

getting the build working.

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Fixed CS for Camel-Any23

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Improve HTTP test. Add Spring XML test.

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