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CAMEL-12087: camel-core: WARN No CamelContext defined yet so cannot inject into bean

CAMEL-12084: Test encoding for query params in camel-olingo4

CAMEL-12080: removing trailing slashs

A component must have default no-arg constructor. This fixes issue with the camel-kafka-starter module.

CAMEL-12080: documentation fix

CAMEL-12080: allow creating csvcontent without last eol

CheckStyle fix

CAMEL-12083: Polished a bit in karaf features

CAMEL-12083: Fixed camel-hessian in karaf

CAMEL-12076: Fixed BaseEmbeddedKafkaTest

CAMEL-12076: Specified topic is ignored when KafkaConfiguration is used

Upgrade Async Http client to version 2.0.38

[CAMEL-12082] Set the TCCL to the application classloader when executing local route commands

Replaced JSon to JSON and replaced JSonPath to JsonPath. This fixes #2143

Upgrade Kubernetes-client to version 3.1.2

Upgrade Affinity to version 3.1.2


CAMEL-12005: Add websocket support to camel-undertow

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Upgrade Flink to version 1.4.0

CAMEL-12020: Fixed test and corrected the polling file consumer.

CAMEL-12075: Polished. This closes #2142

Upgrade Smack to version 4.2.2

Upgrade Jxmpp to version 0.6.0

Upgrade Netty 4.0.x to version 4.0.54.Final

Upgrade Netty to version 4.1.18.Final

Upgrade Http4 Client to version 4.5.4


CAMEL-12075: aggregator thread does not finish in iterating splitter

Fixed FileConsumeTemplateTest

Upgrade Chronicle Queue to version 4.6.57