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Sync Properties

Upgrade Libphonenumber to version 8.12.6

Camel-Docker: Fixed CS

fix unchecked generic for varargs compiler warning (#3997)

* fix unchecked generic for varargs compiler warning

to get rid of "unchecked generics array creation for varargs parameter" compiler warning

* make SafeVarargs annotated method final

By requiring that the method is final, the developer can guarantee that the declaration he made (namely that its varargs use is safe) is actually always true (provided of course that the developer actually provided a safe varargs method), and that it wasn't actually broken by a subclass incorrectly re-implementing the method.

Sync Properties

Sync Properties

Upgrade DNSJava to version 3.2.1


Camel-Docker: Fixed build after upgrading to 3.2.5

Upgrade Docker Java to version 3.2.5

Convert []byte header to string (#3994)

Signed-off-by: Ruben <>

Regen deps

Upgrade Spring Security to version 5.3.3.RELEASE

Sync Properties

Upgrade Spring Batch to version 4.2.4.RELEASE

Sync Properties

Upgrade Fastjson to version 1.2.72

Sync Properties

Upgrade Azure Storage Blob to version 12.7.0

REgen again

Sync Properties

Upgrade Azure Storage Queue to version 12.5.2




Sync Properties

Upgrade Netty to version 4.1.51.Final

Fix minor issues in camel maven archetypes (#3995)

* Fix minor issues in camel maven archetypes


- Add camel-test-junit5 test dependency to fix build failures

in generated test sources

- Remove deprecated log4j.version property

camel-archetype-component and camel-archetype-dataformat:

- Fix missing plugin version WARNING for build-helper-maven-plugin

by adding a new property build-helper-maven-plugin-version

* Fix templates in component api archetype

The generated component was broken due to a missing argument in

constuctor of the PropertiesHelper class due to a change in the

ApiMethodPropertiesHelper parent class


Upgrade AWS SDK v2 to version 2.13.54