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CAMEL-13893: use XML API to modify REST XML DSL

This replaces the string manipulation of XML in Swagger REST DSL XML

generator with using XML API to perform the needed manipulation.

CAMEL-13893: reintroduce configuration options ...

...for Any23 XML configuration

This reintroduces configuration options for Any23 XML configuration by

adding `ConfigurationOptions` class that's mapped within Camel's XML


Also adds a unit test to the REST DSL XML generator to check if the

generated XML DSL root element is declared with default namespace.

Also excludes *Helper classes from being declared in Spring and OSGi

Blueprint schemas.


Merge pull request #3119 from rrhartjr/master

Fix typo in aws-cw doc

Fix typo in aws-cw doc

Remove unused imports

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CAMEL-13893: disable configurations

We need to disable `configurations` in Any23 as a quick solution on

getting the build working.

[CAMEL-13898]ensure camel-cxf consumer can propagate protocol headers from camel exchange headers when throwing a soap fault

update migration guide

Upgrade Directory Watcher to version 0.9.6

Upgrade Jooq to version 3.11.12

Camel-AWS-SNS: Moving the logic of doStart for endpoint in doInit

CAMEL-13893: cleanup

Replace hard coded versions in microprofile-config POM

Revert "CAMEL-13886: camel-servlet + camel-http4 with null body causes "Stream closed" IOException"

This reverts commit 4b9b619138d779e7f55743f20bfad68f394d1d15.

This causes test failures in camel-jetty and camel-servlet.

Camel-AWS-SQS: Fixed CS

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Camel-AWS-SQS: Moving the logic of doStart for endpoint in doInit

CAMEL-13838: Add support for microprofile metrics

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Upgrade Commons DBCP to version 2.7.0

Camel-Any23: polished code a bit

Upgrade Jgroups to version 4.1.2.Final

Upgrade Californium to version 2.0.0-M16

Upgrade Mongodb Java driver to version 3.11.0

Fixed CS for Camel-Core

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Fixed CS for Camel-Any23

Adding Dmitry Volodin to also in main repo

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Camel-Any23: Added a SB Integration test for the component

CAMEL-13877 - Fixed CS

CAMEL-13886: camel-servlet + camel-http4 with null body causes "Stream closed" IOException