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CAMEL-11922: Persistent tail tracking picks random tail tracker from mongoDB collection for component MongoDB3

CAMEL-11912: Camel Dropbox validator regex is too restrictive and fails for common paths. Reduce the regexp and just check for windows path and fail.

Upgrade Narayana to version 5.7.1.Final

Upgrade Maven Owasp Plugin to version 3.0.1

Upgrade Commons-compress to version 1.15

Fixed CS

CAMEL-11929: camel-castor - Add more configuration

CAMEL-11919: Added component documentation

CAMEL-11923 - Camel-Hessian add metadata to whitelistEnabled option

camel-castor is deprecated and ensure the readme files show that too.

CAMEL-11923 - Camel-Hessian enable whitelisting by default

CAMEL-11926: close JMXConnector on shutdown of JMXConsumer in camel-jmx

CAMEL-11919: Salesforce REST API request header...

...s not included in update,upsert,create and query operations

This allows setting Salesforce specific headers on the inbound Camel

message. Supported headers are those that start with `Sforce` or

`x-sfdc` and are need to be of a type that can be converted to a array

of String objects: either String, String[] or collection of String


Support has been added to set headers on all operations and it is up to

the client to set them in a manner that makes sense for the specific

operation and Salesforce object.

Correspondingly any response `Sforce` headers can now be retrieved from

the outbound message headers.

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CAMEL-11869: Removed the unused dependency to mockito from camel-ehcache

CAMEL-11869: Upgrade camel-beanstalk to mockito-core 2.11.0

Aligned the Reflections bundle to version 0.9.11_1

CAMEL-11923 - Camel-Hessian: Add Whitelisting feature

CAMEL-11922: Persistent tail tracking picks random tail tracker from mongoDB collection

Upgrade Chronicle Wire to version 1.9.19

Camel is great


Upgrade Vertx to version 3.5.0

Removed unused declared dependencies from camel-digitalocean

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Upgrade to newer hessian


CAMEL-11918: Update to 2.21 release

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Test after moving to Gitbox

Upgrade to Spring Boot 1.5.8

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Use only one property for okhttp client version in parent POM

Delete outdated readme as there is component docs already

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