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Rewrite SQL++ functions.

-Maps SQL function names to internal names.

-Allows SQL++ builtin functions to be case-insensitive.

-Rewrites SQL-92 global aggregates.

-Refactors SQL++ AST visitors.

-Cleans up semantics of COLL_AGG and SQL-92 AGG.

Change-Id: Idb5a7c6780669b27065b0928bec7e4700cfb53a9


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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Move AsterixDB to Subfolder

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Enabled Datasets to use Datatypes from foreign Dataverses

Removed broken Metadata Secondary Indexes

Added DatatypeDataverse field to Dataset

Cleaned up Metadata Tests

Added tests for dropping used Datatypes

User-facing changes are:

1) Allow qualified datatype when creating dataset

2) Metadata queries for datasets will now

include the type dataverse

Change-Id: I24dbc04dcb2a4126fc8361ebe3104877a0d1f2bb


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: abdullah alamoudi <>

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SQL++ parser: 1. refactored asterix-aql to become asterix-lang-common and asterix-lang-aql, where the former is the common part for different languages; 2. added asterix-lang-sqlpp on top of asterix-lang-common; 3. ported parser tests, optimizer tests and runtime tests in asterix-app to their sql++ version, and added parser tests for all the queries.

Change-Id: Ie5af4e3b692ca017ec047a1ba3b404a51beb3a2e


Tested-by: Jenkins <>

Reviewed-by: Till Westmann <>

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