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Revert "AMQ-2388: Enanched log4j logger to include exact versio number." This appender drops nested or cause exceptions from the stack trace, the cause is kinda handy. This reverts commit 4927c54a0aa6b19995d60b8b5ab840fd8ef6eb1f.

AMQ-6935 - Update Jolokia to 1.5.0

AMQ-6934 - Updating Jackson to 2.9.4

AMQ-6928: Upgrade to Camel 2.21.0

AMQ-6924 - Fix StoreDurableSubscriberCursor non-persistent message add

StoreDurableSubscriberCursor now properly uses a timeout value when

attempting to add to the temporary store for non-persistent messages to

prevent an indefinite wait on free space

AMQ-6909 Update Qpid JMS to 0.30.0 release and Proton-j to 0.26.0

Update to latest Qpid JMS and Proton-J and the matching netty version

for Qpid JMS 4.1.22.Final

[AMQ-4261] use WARN level for producer flow control events, DEBUG if blockedProducerWarningInterval=0

[no jira] extend the timeout b/c it was on the margins

[AMQ-6907] add selectorAware option to conditionalNetworkBridgeFilterFactory such that replay back to origin can happen if there are no matching local consumers

[AMQ-6906] jdbc store; ensure rolled back prepared ack messages are recovered asap

AMQ-6901 - Add NPE check inside DestinationMap filter

AMQ-6901 - Make sure proper policy is used to configure a destination

When multiple wildcard policies exist in a hierarchy it was possible for

the wrong policy to be selected when configuring a destination

Upgrade Apache Camel to 2.20.2

[AMQ-6891] test and fix non tx variant of this leak

Revert "[no jira] add targetNamespace for karaf features"

This reverts commit 2745b914f0403094685fe7708f79e98ca6f2c524.

(cherry picked from commit 46b1cba94986d2165cc0f0ff8f768e3c29fe7fce)

Revert "[no jira] update targetNamespace version for karaf features"

This reverts commit a7dae7ec0a87b19aa4123f8b0c226ecd18e1506e.

(cherry picked from commit d19ad268e743ff6aeeee7efeb96420c2a3b4bec1)

NO-JIRA: Add missing license headers

Add schemas

[AMQ-6891] apply fix and test from Radek Kraus with thanks. Pending cursor adds are now dropped on rollback

AMQ-6874 Update Qpid JMS to 0.29.0 and proton-j to 0.25.0

This updates the AMQP libs Qpid JMS and Proton-J, also updates netty to

4.1.19.Final to match the version used for Qpid JMS

[AMQ-6815] rework to drop the batch reference from Location such that batches are free for gc when index pages are agressively cached

AMQ-6884 - Replacing printStackTrace() with logging statement

[AMQ-6880] fix filter match logic when transport connector updateClusterFilter is in play

This closes #85. Won't fix. Thanks @jwcarman for contribution, sorry for not picking it up in time.

This closes #268.

This closes #75, closes #265, closes #266

[no jira] update targetNamespace version for karaf features

[no jira] add targetNamespace for karaf features

AMQ-6327 - Remove System.out.println

This closes #236. Invalid.