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NO-JIRA: Adding 5.15.2 schema mapping

AMQ-6834 - Adding back in spring schemas for camel

AMQ-6834: activemq-osgi should not include camel namespace in spring as they have been removed from Camel. Only blueprint is supported

Upgrade Spring

Upgrade Apache Camel to 2.20.0

[AMQ-6831, AMQ-6771] trigger eofexception on read -1 - AMQ6522Test

AMQ-6830 Update main netty dep to 4.1.16.Final

Update the main netty dep used in the tests to latest

[AMQ-6831, AMQ-6771] fix up recovery check to ensure full batch is available in memory, regression from AMQ-6771

AMQ-6830 Update Qpid JMS and Netty

Update to latest Qpid JMS 0.26.0 and Netty 4.1.16.Final

[AMQ-6829] add inflight count to dstat queue output

Upgrade Spring

Upgrade Camel

[AMQ-6824] remove time dependency in test assertion

AMQ-6821, AMQ-6790: add the ActiveMQAMQPBrokerFeatureTest to the smoke/sanity test profile

[AMQ-6790] add netty kqueue osgi dependency to the activemq-amqp-client feature

[AMQ-6824] - fix up prefetchExtension growth on transaction completion and delivered ack and tie in boolean usePrefetchExtension

AMQ-6823 Ensure that MessagePull is works across HTTP transport

The MessagePull command needs to have the transients initialized such

that the pull operation works across transports that use XStream or

other marshaling that doesn't performs custom serialization.

NO-JIRA: Exclude logo.svg from apache-rat check

NO-JIRA: Adding schema definition for 5.15.1

AMQ-6821: update to qpid-jms 0.25.0

NO-JIRA: remove script, moved into dist dev repo to simplify use, now under

NO-JIRA: tweak script to default to a version-named dir, allow specifying alternative, and exit if it already exists

AMQ-6820 - Properly handle ClosedChannelException

When a ClosedChannelException occurs inside SelectorSelection properly

call the transport listener onError() method to handle cleanup and


AMQ-6809 Fix issue where stream message getBytes returned wrong value

StreamMessage implementation should return zero when the full value of a

written byte array has been consumed before then returning -1 on the

next read. Ands fix and additional testing of ActiveMQStreamMessage

[no jira] test to exercise pool setBlockIfSessionPoolIsFull false

Adds a script used to prepare a release for vote

Script used to download the release from a staged repo and validate the

checkums and signature and create a new .sha512 hash for the release


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[AMQ-6815] have checkpoint validate status of async writes to avoid stale metadata and validate location size on read to avoid potential oom on restart

AMQ-6813: update tick deadline handling to account for potential to be negative due to using nanoTime derived values, plus other edge case protections

AMQ-6812: update to proton-j 0.22.0

AMQ-6811 - moving ActiveMQMessageIsMarshalled test to src/test/java