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AMQ-6704 - updating xstream and slf4j

AMQ-6704 - update javase javadoc url to java 8

AMQ-6704 - update Jackson to latest bug fix release

AMQ-6681, AMQ-6704 - Update karaf and aries-blueprint-core

AMQ-5932 - removing all traces of Spring DM

Spring DM is not longer needed anymore after the upgrade to Camel 2.19.x

as everything is using Blueprint

AMQ-6706 - Protecting preShutdownHooks with an AtomicBoolean

Merge PR for AMQ-6706

This closes #254

[NO-JIRA] Added Logo Submissions

AMQ-6706 Allow for hooks before broker stop occurs

When Camel is run embedded within ActiveMQ it's shutdown is called at

the point the broker is already stopped, this can lead to data loss as

there could be exchanges that have not ended.

This adds the ability to specify preStopHook(s) that can be invoked

during ActiveMQ shutdown but before the broker is shutdown.

With this Camel can gracefully shutdown while the broker is still


[AMQ-6625] fix mock test expectation regression

NO-JIRA update the AMQP tests to use the client close timeout

Use the client built in close timeout instead of the executor which can

leave threads running and causes the tests to take much longer than


AMQ-6704 Update commons and http client libraries to latest

Update to latest bugfix releases of some commons and http-client


AMQ-6585 - update to Camel 2.19.1

AMQ-6704 Update project to use latest Apache parent 18

Project updated to use apache parent v18

[AMQ-6625] remove kahadbioexceptionhandler by pushing allowIOResumption into persistence adapter. This allows the lease locker to still be used with kahadb for stopStartConnectors support

AMQ-6704 - Update to latest Jetty 9.2.x release

AMQ-6704 - Upgrade Spring to 4.3.9

[AMQ-6703] check for enable audit false

[AMQ-6703] have jmx purge clear the audit such that messages can be copied back, fix and test

AMQ-6699 Fix STOMP over WS not encoding header values

When sending STOMP frames out over WS the marshal isn't doing a proper

encode based on the STOMP version in use and so header values can be

transmitted without proper escaping.

AMQ-6585 - Fixing ActiveMQ camel components for 2.18.x

The new version of Camel adds username and password to JmsComponent and

JmsConfiguration which interferes with the ActiveMQ version. Fixing

ActiveMQComponent and ActiveMQConfiguration to use the inherited

properties now which fixes username/password unit tests. Also fixed a

couple of other tests that had bad configuration.

[AMQ-6702] add maxProducersToAudit and maxAuditDepth to dead letter strategy to cofigure the audit, fix and test

[AMQ-6700] Leak of ActiveMQ Connection Executor threads and ActiveMQConnection objects in JCA layer

AMQ-6585 - Upgrade to Camel 2.18.4

Added the camel-blueprint feature to work with Spring 4.x as Spring DM

support for Camel was deprecated

AMQ-6698 - Allow timeout of SSL handshake for auto+nio+ssl

The handshake now takes place inside of the async task that timesout so

that if the SSL handshake takes too long the connection attempt will

honor protocolDetectionTimeout and actually timeout. Also, change the

default of protocolDetectionTimeout to 30 seconds so it matches the rest

of the broker's default connection timeout settings.

[NO-JIRA] Updated Logo Submissions

[NO-JIRA] Cleanup README on LOGO submissions

[NO-JIRA] Update Readme with current submissions links

[AMQ-6689] Update README

AMQ-6697 Make the MBean explicitly final for java 7 support