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[AMQ-6792] fire the failover exception handler before stop to ensure blocked write does not block stop request

[AMQ-6643][AMQ-5594] fix test regression to reflect match strategy

[AMQ-6788] Explain how to fix the problem in the exception

AMQ-6790 Update to latest Qpid JMS and Qpid Proton versions

Moves to Qpid JMS 0.24.0 and Qpid Proton-J 0.20.0

[AMQ-6643] refine fix to allow wildcard subs to non wildcard subscription queues, enable simple wildcard sub to drain all subscription queues

[AMQ-6787] release securty context on failure to addConnection subsequent to auth, resolve leak. fix and test

[AMQ-6778] - fix test regression that needs to account for presence of correct advisory dests

[AMQ-6778] fix and test - no longer gate firing advisory on broker start flag b/c consumers may be present once transport connectors have started

AMQ-6694: Not possible to autowire connectionFactory in Spring Boot using SB starter

AMQ-6689 Update readme

Merging selected logo as AMQ-6689 from #255 This closes #255 This closes #253 This closes #251 This closes #249 This closes #248 This closes #245 This closes #244 This closes #243 This closes #242

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[AMQ-6771] fix off by one on input stream read long check, with test

[AMQ-6771] do linear sequential scan of journal when validating checksums - remove batch reads via seek/read which depend on write batch size

AMQ-6765 Add trace logging of start failure exception

Log the exception at trace level when start fails.

[AMQ-6764] add logging of exit of jmx ops such that overlaps and delays are visible in the audit. fix and test

[no jira] make networkConsumerIds visible in toString of consumerinfo to aid tracing consumers in a network via transport trace logging

NO-JIRA: Adding 2 new resized logo submissions to the README

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release activemq-5.15.0

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NO-JIRA: Adding missing license header

NO-JIRA: Adding spring schemas

AMQ-6704 - updating xstream and slf4j

AMQ-6704 - update javase javadoc url to java 8

AMQ-6704 - update Jackson to latest bug fix release

AMQ-6681, AMQ-6704 - Update karaf and aries-blueprint-core

AMQ-5932 - removing all traces of Spring DM

Spring DM is not longer needed anymore after the upgrade to Camel 2.19.x

as everything is using Blueprint

AMQ-6706 - Protecting preShutdownHooks with an AtomicBoolean

Merge PR for AMQ-6706

This closes #254

[NO-JIRA] Added Logo Submissions