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refactor test to cleanup persistence adapter creation for combos - fix ci

AMQ-6968 Ensure that the correct exception is thrown

Allow the original exception that triggered the failure to be thrown

from the packet send methods

AMQ-6967 - ensure there are some messages paged in for periodic expiry check if non are in memory

AMQ-6707 - fix destination filter delegate param, refactor-auto-gen method; jees

AMQ-6703 - fix regression in MBeanTest - StoreQueueCursor not sharing its audit - have purge use rollback and delegate to both cursors

AMQ-6707 - ensure entryLocator is used for rollback of prepared add to avoid NPE, relates to AMQ-5567

NO-JIRA: Add 5.15.4 schema identifier

AMQ-6962 - Update spring to 4.3.17

AMQ-6707 - remove duplicated started state flag

AMQ-6707 - ensure trace logging does not flip cacheEnabled flag outside required sync

Merge branch 'AMQ-6959'

This closes #282

AMQ-6959 Avoid creating a Throwable in case of non-trace logging

AMQ-6958 Configure the AMQP Max Frame Size by default

Configure a value of 128KB for AMQP max frame size by default to improve

overall performance and provide a limit on delivery size before chunking


AMQ-6100 - use setOriginalDestination=false to make this behaviour optional b/c amqp cannot see the original dest property due to immutability of the message properties and folks can depend on the existing original destination behaviour

AMQ-6707 - fix trace log reporting in error

AMQ-6909 Update Qpid JMS, proton-j and Netty to latest.

Use latest releases of AMQP deps

AMQ-6957: Upgrade to Camel 2.21.1

[AMQ-6906] tidy up cleanup on jdbc error and combine updates in single completion to avoid prepared sequence update on non transacted add with error. More jdbc error related tests

AMQ-6707 - skip tracked ack dependent test for leveldb

AMQ-6707 - mKahadb, track recovered tx per store for completion, resolve test regression

AMQ-6707 - JDBC XA recovery and completion.

ensure pending transactions are visible for recovery without restart

sync store and cursor size during and after completion

ensure pending messages are not visible to browsers

retain transaction state on jdbc error

a bunch of new tests around xa completion

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Revert "AMQ-6947 - Make sure counters are updated correct on message drop"

This reverts commit 021c82859cf4361eb31b21fdbac17655ae9e368d.

Revert "AMQ-6947 - Update Queue metrics on expiration"

This reverts commit 6e468b4540754cad5cd30de373cadc026c998669.

AMQ-6947 - Update Queue metrics on expiration

The updated dropMessage method only decrements the destination metrics

if a message is removed from the pagedInMessages list to prevent

duplicate updates. There is also a case where we still need to update

metrics if the message never makes it into the pagedInMessages list in

the first place and that is on expiration so this patch fixes that. A

couple existing tests found this issue.

AMQ-6947 - Make sure counters are updated correct on message drop

Only update metrics counters when message is removed from the

pagedInMessages list which is important to check in case of duplicates

AMQ-6930 updates closes #281

AMQ-6930 add test case

(cherry picked from commit 6bb56decf881328f5595692ca17c1899f7f86a7b)

AMQ-6930 provide options to allow stdout/stderr of activemq process to be redirect to a file using append mode

(cherry picked from commit f3a8e882068803a3cdab338d3544b27a7808e0cc)

AMQ-6940 - test fix for AMQ6477 test

Need to remove the portion of the test that looks at the dispatched list

for TopicSubscription as that class no longer tracks message references

AMQ-6940 - Add flag to disable TopicSubscription in flight stats

To save memory usage in some use cases add a new flag to PolicyEntry

called useTopicSubscriptionInflightStats to allow disabling the

inflight stats