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AMQ-6875 - Use the correct destination for Virtual destination consumers when using Virtual Topics

AMQ-6874 Update Qpid JMS to 0.28.0 and proton-j to 0.24.0

This updates the AMQP libs Qpid JMS and Proton-J, also updates netty to

4.1.18.Final to match the version used for Qpid JMS

fix regression - ensure connector created for remote jmx assertion

AMQ-6872 Use correct type casts on ApplicationProperties Map

Fix missing cast on value out of current proton release.

AMQ-6872 Use correct type casts on ApplicationProperties Map

Use the spec defined values when casting the Map from the

ApplicationProperties section.

AMQ-6871 - By default only send generic platform details

The default behavior by the OpenWire client will be to send generic

platform details to the server with a new flag to send more specific


sync code default with config default to use jvm mbean server

[AMQ-6854] - periodic log warn on store limits reached in the same way

(AMQ-6858) - add extra precautionary check for demand subs

also remove test that intermittently fails with timing issues

(AMQ-6858) - test fix

AMQ-6858 - handle resync of network proxy durables after restart

We need to properly handle the re-addition of network proxy durables

after the brokers are restarted so removal is done properly

Upgrade Camel to 2.20.1

AMQ-6858 - Allow configuration of the client Id token in network bridge

The client id token that is used to separate parts of a generated local

client id in a network bridge should be configurable so bridge names and

broker names can contain underscores if desired

AMQ-6858 - reworking durable subscription propagation fix

Significantly reworking previous fix so that the client id is properly

changed when tracking network proxy subscriptions. This makes it so

removal is done properly

[AMQ-6859] MQTT - topic name of the message

AMQ-6856 Update Qpid-JMS and Proton-J

Update to latest release of Qpid-JMS 0.27.0

Update to latest release of Proton-J 0.23.0 to match the Qpid-JMS dep

AMQ-6858 - Fix several durable subscription bridge propagation issues

Durable network proxy subs will now be properly created across multiple

bridges when 3 or more brokers are used. Demand will be properly synced

and removed.

[AMQ-6854] log warn if page in is blocked on usage preventing dispatch. Reuse blockedProducerWarningInterval to tweak reporting

[AMQ-6847] limit the retry loop to one iteration overa all pending messages such that new additions are not replayed to avoid duplicates

[AMQ-6847] pause dispatch for message move to avoid redelivery with pending ack/remove/audit rollback

[no jira] more lenient for ci builds - intermittetnt failure

[AMQ-6849] - fix sendFailIfNoSpaceAfterTimeout policy entry default value

[AMQ-6849] provide a virtualTopic dropOnResourceLimit attribute, default to false.

Enabling will allow dispatch to continue even when end to some consumer queues

fail due to resource constraints.

The existing systemUsage sendFailIfNoSpace and sendFailIfNoSpaceAfterTimeout are

promoted to destination policy options allowing selective destinations to fail a

send with an exception. The global system usage options are still in place.

When dropOnResourceLimit=true dispatch will continue in the event that any

subscription queue throws a resource limit exception on send failure.

[no jira] calm this test a bit due to oom in ci builds

This closes #262

NO-JIRA: Adding 5.15.2 schema mapping

AMQ-6834 - Adding back in spring schemas for camel

AMQ-6834: activemq-osgi should not include camel namespace in spring as they have been removed from Camel. Only blueprint is supported

Upgrade Spring

Upgrade Apache Camel to 2.20.0