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Add 5.3.2 back-compat test indexes
Add version 5.3.3
SOLR-8496: multi-select faceting and getDocSet(List<Query>) can match deleted docs
Fix smoke test to handle HTTPS dist URLs (merge from lucene_solr_5_4)
LUCENE-6955: The release smoke tester inappropriately requires back compat index testing for versions not less than the one being smoke tested (merged trunk r1723956)
SOLR-7865: BlendedInfixSuggester was returning too many results (merge from branch_5x for 5.3.2 release)
  1. /dev/branches/lucene_solr_5_3/lucene/suggest
SOLR-8470: Make TTL of PKIAuthenticationPlugin's tokens configurable through a system property (pkiauth.ttl)
SOLR-7462: AIOOBE in RecordingJSONParser
SOLR-8422: When authentication enabled, requests fail if sent to a node that doesn't host the collection (backport from branch_5x for 5.3.2 release)
SOLR-8269: Upgrade commons-collections to 3.2.2. This fixes a known serialization vulnerability (backport)
  1. /dev/branches/lucene_solr_5_3/solr/licenses
SOLR-8326: Fix inter node request failures after node restart when BasicAuth is enabled (backport from branch_5x for 5.3.2 release)
SOLR-8355: fix for update permissions causing node recovery failures(backport from branch_5x for 5.3.2 release)
HTMLParserError is gone as of Python 3.5 (merge from branch_5x)
SOLR-8167: Fix to get authorization to work with POST params (backport from branch_5x for 5.3.2 release)
SOLR-8059 SOLR-8340: Fix HighlightComponent & DebugComponent finishStage NPE's when distrib.singlePass
SOLR-8373: KerberosPlugin: Using multiple nodes on same machine leads clients to

fetch TGT for every request

SOLR-8460: /analysis/field could throw exceptions for custom attributes.
Add 5.3.1 back compat test indexes
Add version 5.3.2
SOLR-8058: Fix the exclusion filter so that collections that start with js, css, img, tpl can be accessed.(merge from branch_5x)
SOLR-8044: fix VelocityResponseWriterTest.testLocaleFeature
Add 5.3.0 back compat test indexes
SOLR-8041: Fix VelocityResponseWriter's $resource.get(key,baseName,locale) to use specified locale (merged from branch_5x r1702517
SOLR-6188: Revert r1702007 (backport of r1701999)

SOLR-7990: don't swallow ExitingReaderException
SOLR-6188: Only load jars in default sharedLib once. (backport trunk r1701999)

SOLR-7988: SolrJ could not make requests to handlers with '/admin/' prefix
release 5.3.1 version add
LUCENE-6781,LUCENE-6748: backport for 5.3.1.

  1. /dev/branches/lucene_solr_5_3/lucene/queries
SOLR-7972, SOLR-7929, SOLR-7978: merge fixes to 5.3 branch for 5.3.1 release
  1. /dev/branches/lucene_solr_5_3/solr/contrib