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LUCENE-5376: convert GET parameters to JSON
LUCENE-5376: HelpHandler fix for incoming parameter
LUCENE-5376: HelpHandler fixes
LUCENE-5376: add HelpHandler to aid new users and provide quick reference
LUCENE-5376: Use a default 'stateDir' instead of throwing NPE
LUCENE-5376: add "lib" directory to svn:ignore
LUCENE-5376: add missing cause for some exceptions
LUCENE-5376: merge trunk
  1. … 1522 more files in changeset.
LUCENE-5376: carry over last branch
  1. /dev/branches/lucene5376_2/lucene/server/src/test/org
  2. … 138 more files in changeset.
LUCENE-5376: make new branch