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[WICKET-6750] improve comment

[WICKET-6750] allow to abort currently executing request for a given Ajax channel + example

[NO_ISSUE] roll an abstract class that contains common functionality for AJAX and Web-socket request handlers

WICKET-6747: add documentation for CSP

WICKET-6745: Deprecate (Ajax)ServerAndClientTimeFilter

WICKET-6749: move CSS for error pages to css file

WICKET-6737: fixed compilation error after deleting class

WICKET-6737: updated expected HTML for test

Merge branch 'csp-examples'

WICKET-6737: remove unneeded class

Trigger build

WICKET-6737: documentation and formatting

[WICKET-6727] nonce attribute should be copied

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into csp-examples

WICKET-6737: Fixed CSP violations in examples

  1. … 9 more files in changeset.
WICKET-6746: no need to resolve current scheme is desired is ANY

Resolving the current scheme breaks on WebSocket requests when rendering

urls for resources, because HttpsMapper only knows http and https, not


Rename the JBoss repository

Use HTTPS instead of HTTP to resolve dependencies (#405)

This fixes a security vulnerability in this project where the `pom.xml`

files were configuring Maven to resolve dependencies over HTTP instead of


Signed-off-by: Jonathan Leitschuh <Jonathan.Leitschuh@gmail.com>

WICKET-6737: Fixed many CSP violations

WICKET-6737: moved inline styling to css files

WIKCET-6725: important breaks dynamic display and hide

Add a profile for JDK 15 EA

[WICKET-6748] CSS onload/onerror is rewritten

WICKET-6737: update expected HTML to fix test

Merge branch 'master' into csp-examples

Merge branch 'csp-configurable'

WICKET-6727: do not yet enable CSP by default, see WICKET-6733

WICKET-6732: Do not render URL when link is disabled or invisible

WICKET-6737: Moved inline styling to css files

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
WICKET-6737: submit form via triggered submit event

This will also invoke any inline onsubmit handler on the form. Via

shouldTriggerJavaScriptSubmitEvent on SubmitLink (was

shouldInvokeJavaScriptFormOnsubmit) controls whether the event is used

or f.submit() is executed. The latter will not trigger any event