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Update Maven version to 3.6.3

Update docs for Metastore to point that all format plugins are supported

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Clean up a bit, add example for s3 storage of query profiles

Some little fixups for the docs for date & time functions

Additional changes for Drill Metastore docs

Fix typo

Update 010-rest-api-introduction.md

Fix Web UI link

More changes after code review

Changes after code review

Add docs for Drill Metastore

update readme.md

Update README.md

Update references to official Apache Drill Docker images

minor edits for formatting

edit index.html

site version change

doc and website updates for the 1.17 release

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Update README.md with information on how to configure env for building site and update .gitignore to ignore files left after checkout from developing branches

Changes to use release API docs

Publish JavaDocs for the Apache Drill 1.17.0

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minor edit

minor edits


minor edit

mindor doc edit

minor edit to test process

Fix en-dash code points in command line examples

Copy/pasting the `sqline -u` command lines result in errors like


# bin/sqlline –u jdbc:drill:schema=dfs;zk=zk-0

���u (No such file or directory)

jdbc:drill:schema=dfs (No such file or directory)


This was due to the docs using en-dash (code point 8211) instead of a regular ascii dash.

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use SSL for the download link

fix json