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Cache LevelDB Snapshot reference.

WIP Various fixes and performance improvements.

[partial-ns] Implement LevelDB-based fsimage.

[partial-ns] Implement DBChildrenView.

[partial-ns] Implement SetTime().

[partial-ns] Implement fsync().

HDFS-8377. Support HTTP/2 in datanode. Contributed by Duo Zhang.

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YARN-3707. RM Web UI queue filter doesn't work. Contributed by Wangda Tan

[partial-ns] Implement SetPermission().

YARN-3701. Isolating the error of generating a single app report when getting all apps from generic history service. Contributed by Zhijie Shen

HADOOP-11927. Fix "undefined reference to dlopen" error when compiling libhadooppipes (Xianyin Xin via Colin P. McCabe)

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MAPREDUCE-6204. TestJobCounters should use new properties instead of JobConf.MAPRED_TASK_JAVA_OPTS.

YARN-3594. WintuilsProcessStubExecutor.startStreamReader leaks streams. Contributed by Lars Francke.

HADOOP-11743. maven doesn't clean all the site files (Contributed by ramtin)

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HDFS-8268. Port conflict log for data node server is not sufficient (Contributed by Mohammad Shahid Khan)

HADOOP-11594. Improve the readability of site index of documentation. Contributed by Masatake Iwasaki.

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HADOOP-11955. Fix a typo in the cluster setup doc. Contributed by Yanjun Wang.

HADOOP-12014. hadoop-config.cmd displays a wrong error message. Contributed by Kengo Seki.

HDFS-8454. Remove unnecessary throttling in TestDatanodeDeath. (Arpit Agarwal)

YARN-3684. Changed ContainerExecutor's primary lifecycle methods to use a more extensible mechanism of context objects. Contributed by Sidharta Seethana.

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HADOOP-12016. Typo in FileSystem::listStatusIterator. Contributed by Arthur Vigil.

YARN-3675. FairScheduler: RM quits when node removal races with continuous-scheduling on the same node. (Anubhav Dhoot via kasha)

HDFS-8451. DFSClient probe for encryption testing interprets empty URI property for enabled. Contributed by Steve Loughran.

HDFS-8421. Move startFile() and related functions into FSDirWriteFileOp. Contributed by Haohui Mai.

YARN-3646. Applications are getting stuck some times in case of retry policy forever. Contributed by Raju Bairishetti.

YARN-3694. Fix dead link for TimelineServer REST API. Contributed by Jagadesh Kiran N.

HADOOP-10366. Add whitespaces between classes for values in core-default.xml to fit better in browser. Contributed by kanaka kumar avvaru.

HDFS-4383. Document the lease limits. Contributed by Arshad Mohammad.

HADOOP-11772. RPC Invoker relies on static ClientCache which has synchronized(this) blocks. Contributed by Haohui Mai.

YARN-3654. ContainerLogsPage web UI should not have meta-refresh. Contributed by Xuan Gong