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Activating new git web publish repository

Adding picture for publish process

Adding site deploy script for archiva-docs. Using https urls.

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Adding script for site publish and some documentation

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Fixing paths and plugin execution

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For consistent config using inherited=false

Adding archiva-modules site build changes for git migration

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Adding git site build changes for archiva-docs

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Changing ci pipeline settings

Better isolation of workspaces and repositories

Changing ci build pipeline

Switching to forked tests in webdav project

Running rest tests concurrently to reduce build time

Improving tests to make them idempotent.

Removing eclipse aether

Fixing duplicate dependency entry

Changing deps from eclipse.aether to maven-resolver

Cleaning ci workspace only if successful to allow investigation

Moving dependency versions to main project

Fixing dependencies and adapting to new lib versions

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Changing aether dependencies from sonatype to eclipse. Compile OK.

Changing maven version and removing plexus deps

Adding environment variable for user config file

Fixing output in workspace cleanup

Adding env variable for user config file

Adding dependency exclude for asm

Changing maven settings reference for Jenkins build

restore mavenSettingsConfig

Removing maven settings file

Trying workspace cleanup

Modifying doc for repositories