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- Replaced an oracle download of javacc with one from maven-central as Oracle doesn't seem to be able to keep their servers up and running.

- Refactored the way the blazeds jar is included (downloaded from Maven Central instead of copying from BLAZEDS_HOME) - Refactroed the fontkit retrieval to download the 4 fontkit jars instead of downloading the flex-sdk 4.6 and unpacking them from there

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Added an option to use the updated BlazeDS structure of the 4.8.0 branch.

Update jenkins script with new FP versions

The LTS version was bumped from 13 to 18 by Adobe:


And obviously version 16 is no longer the most up-to-date consumer version ;-)

Signed-off-by: Erik de Bruin <erik@ixsoftware.nl>

Fix for https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLEX-34909 (Embedded fonts not working on charts)

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fix downloading from mirrors given new json format from infra

folders in swfobject changed

FLEX-34927 Implemented ObjectUtil.setValue() with the help of getValue().

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop

update url for swfobject

FLEX-34879 Moving setter assignments into constructor.

FLEX-34028: Removed 2 variables that were not being used and changed the event ctrlKey/shiftKey selection check to before the dragEnabled check.

FLEX-34028: Changed how the down click drag preparation behavior works. If the CTRL key is down and the current item being clicked on is already selected (meaning would toggle it's selection) it will avoid the drag prep.

FLEX-34741: Corrected the dropIndicator. It will now use the grid.layout.centergridview.layout instead of the grid.layout directly. Also removed the calculateDropLocation from the DataGrid as it is no longer used.

FLEX-34837 Asdoc corrections, plus making one function static.

FLEX-34879 Replacing SortField setters with constructor arguments.

FLEX-34837 Minor changes: asdocs, making some private functions static where applicable, removing unused namespaces.

FLEX-34837 Making sure that sorting with complex fields is the same as with simple fields in terms of locale awareness. For this I created a spark ComplexSortField which extends the spark SortField (and is thus locale-aware) and adds in the functionality for complex fields. Then GridSortFieldComplex could extend this version, to make sure that locale is handled correctly.

FLEX-34837 CAUSE: DataGrid never had a mechanism by which it could monitor changes to the complex dataFields (e.g. "address.street") of the items in its dataProvider. Because of this, it couldn't ask for the collection to re-sort its items when one of these values changed. The best it could do was to keep track of when these values changed through its GridItemEditor, which it could detect.

SOLUTION: Now ListCollectionView can be asked (by DataGrid.ensureComplexFieldsMonitoring) to monitor all changes to the complex fields by which it's sorted (through the ComplexFieldChangeWatcher). Whenever one of them changes, the collection is resorted. Also, the sorting that GridColumn used to do through one of its own sortFunctions, is now left to Sort and SortField to do, as they've specialized in complex fields as well.


-This also means that GridItemEditor doesn't need to manually dispatch an itemUpdated event each time an item has been edited through it.

FLEX-34837 Added unit test which reproduces the bug from the DataGrid side. NOTE: this unit test works in IntelliJ - i.e. fails as expected -, but fails in the SDK with the message "UIImpersonator doesn't work correctly!" because FlexUnit is not compiled for Flex projects (so UIImpersonator doesn't act as it does locally). When we release a new version of FlexUnit we can correct this.

FLEX-34854 Moved the test to a better package and added a header comment.

FLEX-34854 Changes while investigating a mustella failure (probably) introduced by the changes to this ticket: added a new unit test, corrections to comments, optimizing object initializations and removing unused variables.

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FLEX-34852 Fixing mustella failure introduced by a commit on this ticket. The bug was that SortField.objectHasSortFieldValue() returned true instead of false when the object didn't have that field. This was because an object typed as Object is always null, even when undefined is assigned to it. It needed to be typed as *. (This is reproduced in SortField_Tests.as)

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FLEX-34854 Minor edits while checking a mustella failure.

FLEX-34854 FLEX-34884 getItemIndex_finds_newly_inserted_item_in_complex_multi_field_sorted_list() was failing due to a typo in the test. Fixed.

FLEX-34854 FLEX-34884 Added more unit tests, mostly about sorting with two SortFields. NOTE that getItemIndex_finds_newly_inserted_item_in_complex_multi_field_sorted_list() fails. Debugging in process.

FLEX-34854 FLEX-34884 Now testing spark.collections.Sort(Field) instead of the mx versions because the findItem() function is the same (defined in the mx.collections.Sort(Field) classes), so if the spark versions work well, it's very likely that the mx versions also do. (This is to avoid having to copy-paste all the tests for the spark and mx versions of the sort classes, which would be unmaintainable.)

FLEX-34854 FLEX-34884 Adding unit test to make sure that the changes in FLEX-34854 haven't changed anything about findItem.

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FLEX-34854 spark.collections.Sort.sort() was very similar to mx.collections.Sort.sort(), with the only difference in the fact that the latter tried to use Array.sortOn when appropriate. So, to remove the duplication I introduced a new flag to the mx version called useSortOn, which the spark version defaults to false. This way I could completely remove spark.collections.Sort.sort() and reset a few members of the mx version as private, as before.

FLEX-34854 The spark Sort now extends the mx version, to prevent the need of changing both classes when a bug is fixed or a feature is implemented. NOTES: -this is a result of the mailing list discussion entitled 'Can we unify spark and mx Sort and SortField?'. -some members of mx.collections.Sort needed to be marked protected so that the sort() function could access them. In the next commit they will be reverted by implementing a way in which the sort() function doesn't need to be overridden. -mx.collections.Sort needed to have a new method, createEmptySortField(), which is now used by noFieldsCompare(), and that ensures that the differences in spark.collections.Sort.noFieldsCompare() are preserved without having to copy-paste the entire method.