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more error reporting

found format that worked

try this format

don't sign 64 if not on windows

still trying to find right command

try adding this way

don't add folder if folder already exists (assume its been added). This assumes the build will not fail so test the build separately or delete the folder before re-trying

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use 3-piece version and skip using build.numer

change the way we handle building the 'other platform'. We will try just running the releasecandidate script and skip tagging

more fixes


remove more uses of build.number. We need to specify it in release.version


more changes for 64-bit

version 3.3.2

use versioned 64-bit package names

update to use versioned 64-bit package names

fix other platform targets

try ignoring build.number in the release candidate and approval scripts. The build number should be add to the release.version in these scripts (3.3.2, etc). The main build.xml will still use build.number so it still needs to be updated

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update version

teach 32-bit Windows installer to download and launch 64-bit Installer

add architecture entry so we can switch it to 64-bit in the build

upgrade windows build to generate 64-bit captive runtime as well as 32-bit native

Update RELEASE_NOTES with fixed issue FLEX-35388

switch to AIR 30 so we can use TLSSocket against TLS1.2. Replace the as3crypto TLSSocket with our own that uses AIR 30 SecureSocket

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for some reason it would not build without this

Native application updater is now donated

Revert "Add 3rd party headers to comply with ASF legal policy"

This reverts commit df0db8756bcca2941aa155231c9e8f640010a813.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop

Add 3rd party headers to comply with ASF legal policy