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apply patch

re-introduce rsync logs for henk

remove stale configs from rsync

change path to the always present /dist

/www might not exist.

rsyncd.conf += exclude META

[OF] escape strings

Consolidating rootbin rsync into rsync_mirror modules.

INFRA-14757 rm dist/zzz/perms

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block all aoo rsyncing, use sourceforge for bandwidth

adding a few more excludes/text MIME types

  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
update checks to 140 chars, remove 80 char checks. Remove dupe source block check

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INFRA-13245: Fix IP for mirror-vm

add mirror-vm IP to rsync

allow rsync for memnon

Adding in fixes for INFRA-11487

allow mirror-vm to use apache-dist-for-archive

fix revision typo

remove .revision from rsync (INFRA-10859)

increase rsync limit (INFRA-10691)

run the rsync hang script hourly, since more requests going to themis now, and aoo release

open to localhost

fix bash syntax

add themis ip to allow lists

make log message clearer

clean up rsync kill cron

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fix crons with shelldelcaration

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add explicit paths for running in cron

fix shell for rsync_hang script

allow tlp01-us-west to do www-bootstrap