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Bump commons-compress from 1.2 to 1.19

Bumps commons-compress from 1.2 to 1.19.

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>

Applying references after package change of components spring-registry and expression-evaluator

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Adding redback build as upstream trigger

Removing plexus dependency

Fixing time zone issue

Switching to zip file for index test

Adding unzip utility method

Moving license plugin to profile

Adding parameter for build threads

Fixing repository path

Removing dependency on ComponentContainer (spring-utils)

Using variables for dependency versions

Removing velocity dependency

Switching to new rome version for rss

Changing jboss-logging version (new version uses apache license)

Removing jpox dependency

Adding info about third party licenses to README

Renaming packages to make them distinct over modules

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Implementing event manager test

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Extracting interface from RepositoryRegistry

Changing assertj version

Removing junit 4 dependencies

Changing package for audit events

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Migrating basic event API to archiva commons

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Migration to junit 5

[MRM-2000] Adding NOTICE file with apache license information

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Finalizing event API

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Refactoring event API

Reorganizing dependencies for repository-layer

Fix module name for storage api