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fisheye backup

purge unused code, add rsync user

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zmanda -> rsync

Pinot ppmc private area access. INFRA-17327

OF: missing fd

OF: make sure we close FDs before overriding??

OF: make very sure we don't fudge the recipients

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OF: proper username

OF: missing parameters

OF: permissions

OF: Just use /tmp for everything, work around postfix permissions

OF: use tmp for temp json

OF: linting, commenting, syntax

OF: Trim and replace JSON *after* it's been written to

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remove errant php7 packages for now

packges are moved to host yaml

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force ooo-forums to php5.6

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move ooo wiki to new vm

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Merge pull request #1252 from apache/cml/ooo-mail

mail routing for ooo

mail routing for ooo

Merge pull request #1251 from apache/christ/blocky_remove_space

removing extra space at end of an IP address

removing extra space at end of an IP address

OF: fix new forumaoo password

Merge pull request #1250 from solomax/deployment

[INFRA-17298] mod_proxy_wstunnel is added

mod_proxy_wstunnel is added

Merge pull request #1249 from apache/cml/INFRA-17272

Cml/infra 17272

OF: Add for maintenance cycles

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add iceberg pubsub


update pubsub config

increase chars