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Camel-Kubernetes: Fixed CS

CAMEL-13994 - listPods operation of kubernetes component dont support namespace option

CAMEL-13986 - Camel-Kubernetes: Add deleteNode operation

Camel-Kubernetes: Remove syserr

Camel-Kubernetes: Fixed CS

Camel-Kubernetes: Fixed CS

CAMEL-13983 - Provide CreateNode feature in Kubernetes Component

CAMEL-13978 - Fixed CS

CAMEL-13978 - Create ConfigMap Watch feature in Kubernetes Component, fixed the resourceName usage

Camel-Kubernetes: Use the same namespace in the configmap consumer test

Cleanup duplicate "Available from..." and fix h...


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Regen docs

Fixed Kubernetes documentation

Regen docs

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CAMEL-13978 - Fixed backport and doc regen

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CAMEL-13978 - Fixed CS

CAMEL-13978 - Create ConfigMap Watch feature in Kubernetes Component

CAMEL-13978 - Create ConfigMap Watch feature in Kubernetes Component, added test

CAMEL-13968 - Fixed CS

CAMEL-13886: Add integration test to camel-servlet-starter

(cherry picked from commit 3ec2cc5d70243d2b569229f95f0f646697cf1eba)

CAMEL-13968: resolved HTTP header case sensitivity while parsing

CAMEL-13886: camel-servlet + camel-http4 with null body causes "Stream closed" IOException

Normally servlet request can be read only once, but when

Exchange#getOut() is invoked HttpMessage may be copied for the out

message with the original request that has been already read.

This fix protects it from being read again.

Upgrade Awaitility to version 4.0.1

[CAMEL-13951] Implement PostgresAggregationRepository to handle special PostgreSQL behavior

(cherry picked from commit 6974f9b60a504eb967b5e643254c441040df7f9c)

CAMEL-13951: Expose setter for transaction propagation using name. Fix tests

(cherry picked from commit 067e53c91f9691a3cbb2bf83dbe16a87e9fa3f46)

(cherry picked from commit 01b7916023680c24b9922b0bce56a22f9fb9a20e)

CAMEL-13951: Allow to set custom transaction propagation for camel-sql aggregation repository, which can be needed for Postgres with optimistick locking.

remove unnecessary comment code

(cherry picked from commit 33c143b257ae3da43f6a9f4177e8993772baaf37)

CAMEL-13931 tempFileName directory is not auto-created if it is relative before the endpoint path

[CAMEL-13942]UnitOfWork should be done after send back response

(cherry picked from commit 101c4eb80b4d1aa6bd267a72d8fe315f74d917a9)